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[ 500 ] Dopo L' Aggiornamento Firmware V. 011.033


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Nuovo Firmware per Nokia 500

V. 011.033 del 22-11-2011

E' uscito questo Minor Update per il Nokia 500. Come al solito postate qui di seguito i vostri commenti e le vostre opinioni. :thumbs:

Questi i P.C. abilitati al 17 Gennaio 2012:


059G718: euro1_fr_black_black

059G719: euro1_alps_black_black

059G720: euro1_it_black_black

059G721: euro1_mt_black_black

059G722: euro1_uk_black_black

059G723: euro1_ie_black_black

059G725: euro2_tr_black_black

059G725: euro2_tr_black_black

059G726: euro2_de_black_black

059G727: euro2_benelux_black_black

059G728: scandinavia_black_black

059G729: baltian_black_black

059G730: russian_md_black_black

059G731: russian_ua_black_black

059G732: russian_ru_by_black_black

059G733: russian_cis_black_black

059G735: russian_hu_black_black

059G736: russian_kz_black_black

059G737: euro3_black_black

059G739: balkans_black_black

059G740: hebrew_black_black

059G742: hispania_black_black

059G795: apac1_sg_black_black

059G796: apac1_my_black_black

059G797: apac1_kh_black_black

059G799: apac2_bd_black_black

059G7B0: apac2_lk_black_black

059G7B2: apac2_au_black_black

059G7B3: apac2_nz_black_black

059G7B4: apac2_ph_black_black

059G7B5: vietnam_black_black

059G7B6: thai_black_black

059G7B8: india_black_black

059G7B9: hong_kong_black_black

059G7C1: taiwan_black_black

059G7C2: china_prc_black_black

059G7C3: lta_black_black

059G7C4: lta_ar_black_black

059G7C5: brazil_black_black

059G7C6: costa_rica_black_black

059G7C8: aws_black_black

059G9X0: euro1_fr_white_silver

059G9X4: euro1_alps_white_silver

059G9X6: euro1_it_white_silver

059G9X8: euro1_mt_white_silver

059G9X9: euro1_uk_white_silver

059G9Z3: euro1_ie_white_silver

059G9Z5: euro1_pt_white_silver

059G9Z7: euro2_tr_white_silver

059G9Z7: euro2_tr_white_silver

059H000: euro2_de_white_silver

059H002: euro2_benelux_white_silver

059H005: scandinavia_white_silver

059H006: baltian_white_silver

059H007: russian_md_white_silver

059H009: russian_ua_white_silver

059H011: russian_ru_by_white_silver

059H018: euro3_white_silver

059H019: balkans_white_silver

059H020: hebrew_white_silver

059H021: hispania_white_silver

059H083: apac1_sg_white_silver

059H084: apac1_my_white_silver

059H085: apac1_kh_white_silver

059H086: apac1_id_white_silver

059H087: apac2_bd_white_silver

059H089: apac2_lk_white_silver

059H090: apac2_np_white_silver

059H091: apac2_au_white_silver

059H092: apac2_nz_white_silver

059H093: apac2_ph_white_silver

059H094: vietnam_white_silver

059H095: thai_white_silver

059H096: india_white_silver

059H097: hong_kong_white_silver

059H098: taiwan_white_silver

059H0B0: lta_white_silver

059H0B1: lta_ar_white_silver

059H0B2: brazil_white_silver

059H0B3: costa_rica_white_silver

059H0B5: aws_white_silver

059J8S6: mea1_black_black

059J8S7: mea2_black_black

059J8S8: mea3_black_black

059J8S9: mea4_black_black

059J8T0: mea5_black_black

059J8T1: mea6_black_black

059J8T2: mea7_black_black

059J8T3: mea8_black_black

059J8T4: mea9_black_black

059J8T5: mea10_black_black

059J8T6: mea11_black_black

059J8T7: mea12_black_black

059J8T8: mea13_black_black

059J8T9: mea14_black_black

059J8V0: mea15_black_black

059J8V1: mea16_black_black

059J8V2: mea17_black_black

059J8V3: mea1_white_silver

059J8V4: mea2_white_silver

059J8V5: mea3_white_silver

059J8V6: mea4_white_silver

059J8V7: mea5_white_silver

059J8V8: mea6_white_silver

059J8W0: mea8_white_silver

059J8W1: mea9_white_silver

059J8W2: mea10_white_silver

059J8W3: mea11_white_silver

059J8W4: mea12_white_silver

059J8W5: mea13_white_silver

059J8W6: mea14_white_silver

059J8W7: mea15_white_silver

059J8W8: mea16_white_silver

059J8W9: mea17_white_silver

059J994: mea7af_black_black

059J995: mea7af_white_silver

059K5N1: Nokia_500_RM_750_Vodafone_GR_GR_Black_V1_MR

059K866: Nokia_500_RM_750_Movistar_Spain_ES_Black_V2

059K9P9: Nokia 500 RM-750 VIVO BR Black V2

059K9Q0: Nokia 500 RM-750 TIM Brasil BR Black V2

059K9X1: Nokia 500 RM-750 NRJ Mobile FR Black/Black_V2

059L089: Nokia_500_RM_750_Yoigo_ES_ES_Black_SL3_V1

059L0M2: Nokia_500_RM_750_PRC_Country_Variant_CN_Black_StdPack_VAR1972_v3

059L0M2: Nokia_500_RM_750_PRC_Country_Variant_CN_Black_StdPack_VAR1972_v3

059L108: Nokia 500 RM-750 Country Variant Indonesia ID N500_ID_OMU_Black

059L109: Nokia 500 RM-750 Country Variant Indonesia ID N500_ID_OMU_White

059L454: Nokia 500 RM-750 Movistar Chile CL Black_v1_NP

059L485: Nokia 500 RM-750 Mobilkom Austria AT Black V2

059L5V7: Nokia_500_RM_750_HK_Country_Variant_HK HKCV_Black_Black_V3

059L6B4: Nokia 500 RM-750 PRC Country Variant CN B/B ValuePack + 2G v3

059L6T5: Nokia 500 RM-750 PTC T-Mobile PL PL (Black) v4

059L6Z2: Nokia_500_RM_750_T-Mobile_NL_NL_Black_black_v2

059L728: Nokia 500 RM-750 PRC Country Variant CN WHT/SILVER Std Pack v3_C

059L729: Nokia 500 RM-750 PRC Country Variant CN W/S ValuePack + 2G v3_CO

059L741: Nokia 500 RM-750 T-Mobile Austria AT Black V1

059L847: Nokia 500 RM-750 Wind IT IT black V3

059L860: Nokia_500_RM_750_HK_Country_Variant_HK_HKCV_WHT_SILVER_V3_COLOR

059L9P4: Nokia 500 RM-750 Orange Spain ES Black/Black V1 GV

059L9P6: Nokia 500 RM-750 PTC T-Mobile PL PL (White) v4_COLOR

059L9Q1: Nokia_500_RM_750_Orange_SK_Black_Black_V1_GV

059N0N1: Nokia 500 RM-750 Iusacell MX Black V1

059N168: Nokia 500 RM-750 Movistar Mexico MX Black V1

059N262: Nokia 500 RM-750 Country Variant Taiwan TW White_V3.0_COLOR

059N398: Nokia_500_RM_750_Country_Variant_Croatia_HR_White_Silver_v3_COLOR


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