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Questo programma permette di modificare i collegamenti presenti nella MediaBar.

Segue il testo originale dell'autore (newcooller)

BIG thx dan-av patch for the library, thanks to him was possible to modify the application mediabar, but I just want to make this process easier.

This program enables you to edit MediaBar (button XM)



Instructions for the various ports:

- Open File frMediaToolbar.dll clicking on the "Open", or simply dragging it to the window (only use the patched file in the archive with the program)

- Instead of digits 1,2,3,4,5 will be written UIDs programs that are currently registered in the launch of the buttons mediabar

- Useful UIDs can introduce yourself to replace the existing, or select the desired program from the dropdown list

- After making changes, click on "Apply" button

- Library patched !

File frMediaToolbar.dll can pack into the firmware or just put on the C drive to a folder sys\bin and reboot the phone. If the C drive is already such a file and you want to replace it again, then you need to first "kill" the process MediaBar.exe through any task manager.


Instructions for the original firmware:

- Instead of digits 1,2,3,4,5 write UIDs we need applications mediabar or simply choose the application from the drop-down lists

- When will be filled in all the fields click on "Create patch"

- The patch appears in the folder where the program. Put it in startup RomPatcher and enjoy. RomPatcher must be registered in the autorun!


Additional features:

- Turn off labels on the icons

- File Transfer icon in C:\resource\apps\mediabar.mbm. Icon format raster. Ports only. Example is attached

The list of programs with UID's can replenish itself, edit the file list.ini.


Replacing Icons:

Who wants to replace the icons in the XM-panel at the system level, not in the subject (ie the need to edit Series60Skin.mif), but does not know it was there that pick, I cite a list of files, which are responsible for these icons. But for the beginning said that for every button XM need 3 graphics I've found:

- The first is responsible for the normal icon

- Second - for the icon when the application is running

- The third - for the push of a button

Filenames XM:

Browser: Entry1589, Entry1590, Entry1591.

Gallery: Entry1592, Entry1593, 1594.

Music Player: Entry1595, Entry1596, Entry1597.

Share online: Entry1598, Entry1599, Entry1600.

Video center: Entry1601, Entry1602, Entry1603.

For background XM-bar corresponds to two files: a portrait - Entry1609, and in the landscape - Entry1620.

thx sasha0786 for instriction


Changes in Version 0.3

- Fixed a bug when creating a patch for the original firmware (when you press the button "Create patch" data duplicated)

- Added option to disable the inscriptions on icons

- Added the ability to transfer a file icon in C:\resource\apps\mediabar.mbm. Icon format raster. Ports only

- Added a few programs in the list

- Added button "About"

- The program can work as a plug-in to NokiaCooker

MediaBar Editor 0.3 eng.rar

example mediabar.mbm by dan-av.rar

Edited by Il.Socio
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probabilmente uno dei due è un file di backup.

vedi se il file originale viene modificato.

se viene modificato allora devi usare quello che è stato moddato l'altro è di backup.

se invece il file originale resta lo stesso e ne viene creato un'altro allora devi usre quello creato.

ma molto probabilmente l'altro è di backup

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