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Frimware Nokia N900 - By Pieve

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Inviato 18 Gennaio 2010 - 09:50


Prima di leggere questa discussione è indispensabile che abbiate letto il

Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!

Tutorial Update tramite Nokia Software Updater (NSU): Clicca Qui / Click Here

Nokia PC-Suite : Clicca Qui / Click Here


I - Gli aggiornamenti sono importanti nei primi mesi di vita del telefono soprattutto se è appena uscito, ma una volta stabilizzatosi (risolti i bugs che ogni telefono nuovo presenta e che si potrebbero evitare se mamma Nokia li testasse meglio...) non portano grandi migliorie;

II - Se il telefono non vi da problemi gli aggiornamenti non sono strettamente necessari;

III - L'aggiornamento del Firmware eseguito con qualsiasi procedura comporta comunque dei rischi nel senso che può accadere un qualsiasi imprevisto che vi 'brucia' o blocca il telefono ed allora perchè stare intere settimane senza telefono? Perchè rischiare?

Insomma non aggiornate se non è necessario, godetevi il telefono invece di stare sempre dietro all'ultimo aggiornamento.

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Inviato 18 Gennaio 2010 - 10:05

CAMBIAMENTI / MIGLIORAMENTI prodotti dall'aggiornamento dalla versione software R. 1.2009.42-11 alla R. 1.2009.44-1

Changes/improvements made from
MCU SW 1.2009.42-11 to release 1.2009.44-1

* kernel contains one fix, which is allowing HAM to trigger ubifs to higher compression level for the SSU update.
* browser contains one fix, which is browser UA string to say that it's pr1.0.1 device.
* GTK contains one fix, which is dropping the icon cache support.
* application manager contains 37 fixes, mostly related to SSU stability
* And a bit related to the new look of the app grid.

CAMBIAMENTI / MIGLIORAMENTI prodotti dall'aggiornamento dalla versione software R. 1.2009.44-1 alla R. 2.2009.51-1

Changes/improvements made from
MCU SW 1.2009.44-1 to release 2.2009.51-1

* utchinson SIM cards are supported.
* MS Exchange 2003 support.

Maemo Update

* Bootloader (Nolo) can be updated over Maemo Update.
* Cellular software can be updated over Maemo Update.
* Icon cache removed to allow more memory space for Maemo Update.
* Application Manager: Available space check moved to apt-worker for more accurate results.


* Improvements in SGX performance and reliability.

Use-time and power consumption

* API for status area applets to detect if they are invisible/absent.
* Fixes to Pulseaudio timer increasing power saving when starting/closing apps.
* Browser: Removed unnecessary serial logging.
* Reduction of wake-ups in Desktop, Connectivity, Conversations, RSS Feed Reader,
* Backup handles correctly directories containing pairs of symlinks.
* Less CPU load caused during video recording.
* Support disabling Virtual Keyboard in input field.
* Performance improvements in Browser.
* Lock: ¡°swipe to unlock¡± will not stay on.
* CPU idle latencies and thresholds updated.
* Fixing eMMC data lines while sleeping.
* CellMO power consumption reduced.


* Volume button operation in call flipped based on audio routing (no more on screen orientation).
* Browser: Downloading & rendering of page content runs promptly.
* Helping to avoid capacity limits of rootfs when installing apps (make Docpurge aware of /opt).
* Stability and usability fixes to the Profiles applet. Selection, usage and restoring of ringtones.
* Fast call from home shortcuts.
* Fast SMS rejection of incoming call.
* Avoid false alarms in pocket.
* Silence ringing by flipping face down.
* Fix to Camera photo orientation problem: correct orientation is now written to EXIF.


* X: performance of GLES apps improved.
* Lower RAM consumption while capturing video.
* Phone-UI & Msg-UI always ready to appear.
* Application Manager UI speed improvements.
* Email faster with large mailboxes.
* Large file copy (SD->MMC) doesn¡¯t degrade system performance.

OVI Maps

* Route calculation and search performance improved.


* BT Secure Simple Pairing fixed for Windows Vista.
* BT transfer progress indicated.
* Improving WLAN connection stability.
* Improved WLAN negotiation when going out of reach of access point.


* Add voicemail shortcut support.
* Showing call forwarding correctly when busy forwarding is not set.
* Call log improved.

Audio & Video

* Audio volume control works with +/- keys in full-screen playback of flash.
* Handling corrupted ring tone files better.
* HW volume keys always have same orientation.
* Media Player UI now provides feedback when tapping control buttons in video playback.
* MIC input not clipped when loud voice in VoIP call.
* Pulseaudio: Ringtone is heard from the loudspeaker if BT connected.
* Ringtone played both to headset (BT or wired) and to internal HF speakers.
* AV sync fix for recorded videos.


* ISO EXIF value for images saved when automatic sensitivity in use.
* Vignetting test of 2nd camera fixed, VGA sensor stability.

Battery and Charging

* Improved charging in case of low charging power (PC USB charging).


* Fixing the USB detection and card mounting issue related to quickly attaching/detaching the cable.
* Able to format corrupted eMMC properly.
* Hang fixed in case of WLAN disconnection while copying files.


* Activesync supports now MS Exchange 2003.
* Activesync ¨C fixes the forwarding of attachments showing incorrect sizes (Exchange server 2003).
* Content copier of PC Suite enabled. Whole content backup (including Notes) can now be restored from PCSuite.

3rd party applications

* Policy-settings: Fixes rotation transition in for 3rd party applications.
* Policy-settings: By default, 3rd party apps should have the same limits as our applications.


* Public API for color picker. Home widget is now translucent.
* Set/get alarms API.
* Syncing of task alarms supported.

Image Viewer

* Thumbnailing faster.

Application Manager

* Rename Maemo Extras to and enable by default.
* Grid view applied for the categories in download view. Added API for filtering packages.

Development Platform

* SDK content and tools updated.
* SDK GUI installer updated.
* New sharing-dialog-dev package added to enable Bluetooth and email sending.
* New wappushd-dev package documenting MMS interfaces available.

Community reports fixed

* ¡°¡±About Flash Player¡±" contextual menu item treated as unrequested pop-up
* Focus not set to location bar after Ctrl-L shortcut is used
* Spacebar scrolls more than 1 page
* microb doesn¡¯t trigger onchange
* Page is not rerendered when JavaScript actions increase page length
* Complete Browsing History on the N900 sometimes displays ¡°¡±None¡±"
* The menu item ¡°¡±copy¡±" in the browser menu does not work
* OK button remains disabled in dialog for Integer settings in about:config
* Browser window checkerboards and repaints when navigated to from multi-task view
* Sometimes the browser window goes black for over a second after clicking the fullscreen/restore button


* Start and end times are changing when daylight saving time ends (begins)
* Incorrect entries in the Birthday Smart Calendar
* Changing to next week is very slow
* Smart birthday-widget doesn¡¯t show up any birthdays or shows one on random

Chat & Call & SMS

* Phone app crashed as call ending
* Dialer does not accept SS (3GPP TS 22.030) dial strings
* Unclear how to open a contact (sender/receiver) of a conversation
* High latency between UI and SIP events being sent
* clicking on notification window fails for 2 or more messages when in Dashboard
* Skype does not allow entering DTMF tones
* skype: Call does not support DTMF tones
* Can¡¯t send sms/chat to known contact from the Call list
* libnice violates Debian packaging policy for description of package ¡°¡±libnice0¡å¡±
* Volume buttons should be swapped when using the phone in portrait mode.
* Call Log only displays contact name that called, not phone number
* Show wrong Contact for a SMS after a couple of days
* scrollbar instead of kinetic scrolling
* Chat window for jabber / xmpp is not always updated with new incoming messages


* Bluetooth DBUS UI dialogs ¨C wrong args in the example code
* Button style in Bluetooth file receive applet is wrong
* Inconsistent keyboard behaviour when configuring a static ip address
* Drops WLAN connection to Linksys WRT610N after 10-15 minutes
* after failed pairing to bluetooth car kit bluetooth can¡¯t be turned on
* Wrong settings for Orange (France) gprs
* udhcpc overriding default routes


* address book cannot import vcards from benq/siemens phones properly
* Contacts re-appear in list after disableing and re-enableing accounts
* No hint that it is impossible to paste an strings containing non-numeric characters into a phone number field
* Skype Support>Report problem leads to an error page


* N900 sometimes ignores USB data cable

CAMBIAMENTI / MIGLIORAMENTI prodotti dall'aggiornamento dalla versione software R. 2.2009.51-1 alla R. 3.2010.02-8

Changes/improvements made from
MCU SW 2.2009.51-1 to release 3.2010.02-8

● OpenGL ES 1.1 API libraries for games developers.
● Application mgr:
* Ovi Store paid content distribution (no copy-protection solution) supported by enabling installation of .deb packages.
● Task launcher to show proper application icons. Apt: Don't allow to install 'user/hidden' packages through apt-get. Segfault fixed.
● New WLAN firmware. WLAN interface is brought down after disconnecting from Fixed IP network. Fix for "Wifi won't connect until rebooted".
● GPRS Internet Access Point settings corrected: Mobitel/Slovenia, TMN Portugal, Vodafone Italy, TMO USA and DU United Arab Emirates
● Fixing 2 memory leaks in Connectivity UI status menu.
● Call UI keypad command *#0000# shows the SW release version string now in short format , "3.2010.02-5", for instance. It is the
same format as 'About Product' has. This command is there just to support the conventional GSM way.
● Browser: Opens .deb files directly in App Mgr. Progress bar visible in page download. Download/rendering doesn't stall. No notification
"Web page not responding" when closing browser after downloading a file.
● Skype: Activate an existing account having 4 to 6 characters in the username. It is NOT possible to create a new account having less than 6 characters.
● Active Synch: GAL support (contact lookup from Exchange address book) works with Exchange 2003, too.
● cmt-firmware-rx51/8.2.2009.47-1.97: Fixing incorrect Debian package description. No functional change. Not blocking cellmo downgrades
as the actual CellMO firmware was not touched.

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Inviato 12 Marzo 2010 - 11:17

Aggiornata la lista dei Product Code. :thumbdown: Qui la lista completa. Naturalmente chi vede mancanze o ha suggerimenti, sono ben accetti consigli e integrazioni. <_<

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