Rilasciata la versione 1.1 di Skype per Symbian

Skype per symbian

Skype per symbian

Skype per Symbian si aggiorna alla versione 1.1. In questa nuova release vengono introdotte diverse novità tra cui una migliorata gestione dei consumi della batteria e la possibilità di impostare le notifiche utilizzando segnali acustici o la vibrazione.

Di seguito il changlelog completo. Se volete scaricare la nuova versione o volete maggiori informazioni vi invito a consultare il sito ufficiale.

* Added support for new device models : Sony Ericsson Satio, Vivaz, Vivaz Pro, added additional Nokia phones to supported list.
* Improved performance during signing in.
* Reduced power usage up to 20%
* Overhauled the user interface
* Added support for showing your phone number as SMS sender.
* Added option to choose time frame for remembering history on the device.
* Added option for setting default file receiving location.
* Skype now stores your prefered connection option.
* Added option to turn Audio/ Vibration notification on and off (Vibration notification respects phone profile settings.)
* Added support for showing flags in Instant Messaging window for touchscreen devices

Fixed issues:
* Fixed issue with displaying native address book contacts in Contacts view.
* If no subscription was purchased, the Subscription status in My Info displayed the Skype Credit expiration date.
* The custom voicemail greeting could not be deleted on touchscreen devices.
* The word “Notification” was not localized on touchscreen devices.
* Skype, on Nokia N78, crashed if the user tried to save a network connection as the default. This behavior has been changed in version 1.1.
* When receiving a file while Skype was running in the background, file receiving was cancelled on Nokia N97 and N97 mini.
* Verified mobile phone number was not carried over from another Skype client to Skype for Symbian.

Il famosissimo client per le chiamate VOIP ha da poco rilasciato una nuova versione compatibile con i cellulari Symbian del proprio client per le chiamate VOIP. La nuova release versione

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