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[Nokia 500] Alientech V1.0 By Raremind

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Riporto qui un cfw per Nokia 500, non ne sono io l'autore, mi limito solo a riportarlo... segue il post originale.

Hi Guys

This is my First CFW for Nokia 500 (RM-750) User's,

I hope you will like it...

If you like my CFW please click on Thank You Button.

Please give your feedback and if you find any bug please report me about that.

Deleted apps And Some more Apps Are in the end of the page...Download it[if u need]

who wants this cfw in their own lang..plz contact me Here

PLz Make Language RequestsHere

We are Also Available Here

AlienTecH V1.0

Plz Follow Tutrial Page If U r New For Flashing..

If U have Downloaded AlienTech V1.0

No need of Downloading Core Files Again..

Use Rest Of the Files And Flash Wit New ROF2& ROF3

Must and should use all the files provided.. Or else phone will be Bricked

Change Log in V1.1

Gallery Widgets From Nokia 808

Contacts Comms Widget

Dobly Ported From Fp1

Change Log in V1.0 with Based on OFW v111.020.0059& v111.020.0067 :-

Widgets included are -[Transparent]

-3G On-Off

-Analog Clock

-Big-Analog Clock

-Mini-Analog Clock

-Small-Bluetooth On-Off


-Comms Contacts




-Digital Clock-Transparent

-Fav Contact- Mini

-Fav Contact- Single

-Fav Contact- Multiple



-Mechanical Clock

-Mobile Data On-Off

-Notifications widget Belle style

-Offline On-Off

-One line Music Player

-Operator Services



-Radio-Silent On-Off

-Two Line Music Player

-Wifi On-off

ChangE LogS..

1. Camera Sound Disable

2. Custom Logs Age Mod - Belle

3. Disable OVI signin

4. Enable hidden Menu icons

5. Extra symbols by Normas Interruptor

6. KillMe.v1.36 10. Kinetic Scrolling Improvement Latest Version

7. Max Battery Life mod by ivo777 v4.0 [FINAL]

8. Music Player ScreenSaver

9. New Avkon mif fils with Dolby sign and muticolor final

10. No keylock vibration

11. Player edit meta data

12. Popup Clock N9 style

13. Power Saving Mode Switcher

14. QuickLock

15. RomPatcher+ autostart enabled & other revised

16. Send protected files over Bluetooth

17. Tactile feedback in calls (v2)

18. Task swither Ported from FP1 10HS[so That it doesnt lag]..

19. widgets[glass\see through\transparent]

20. Anna Video Player for Belle

21. Dolby Headphone + Music Player

22. Fast screen rotation[Not lightnig fast but its Pretty fast]

23. Gallery Folder search

24. Menu Structure {by nick}

25. Only MUSIC folder is scaned - E-F-G drives

26. Restart button by nick + Walter

27. RP+ autostart enabled & Logs,Contacts,Messaging,Calendar Autostart Disabled for CFW{by Normas Interruptor}

28. Touch vibrations mod For Belle

29. vibration alert improvement

30. voice recorder 12hrs 256kbps stereo

31. n8 fm Radio

32. Notes&Text clock for Rofs

33. forgot many..u guys find out:)

LinKs To Removed Apps Are Given Below..

Screen ShotS of AlienTecH V1.0









Credit goes to...

Special Thanks to Normasinterruptor for helping me release AlienTecH v1.0 cfw

aamirx64 for theme/project files..

megamind08 for beta Testing

Thanks to Amigo W@lT3r for suggestions n tips

Ritobroto For Design

And All credits to orginal modders

AlienTecH V1.0 Download Link

Click Here for Download

AlienTech V1.1(v111.020.0057)

AlienTech V1.1(v111.020.0067)

Other Languages

AlienTech V1.1 Spanish(v111.020.0059)

AlienTech V1.1 Spanish(v111.020.0067)

Removed AppS( To get More Space In C)

Click Here for Download



PDF Reader

Comms Widget

Angry Birds

KS Improvement

Edited by Il.Socio
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