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E5-00 Extreme V4.0 By Sam(Rm-632:101.003)

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E5-00 Extreme v4.0 (EN-RU)by sam (RM-632:v101.003)



What's new

  • Languages: English-Russian
  • Python speed by AnhtamHCM added to ROM
  • 22 Theme effects to ROM
  • 5 New Themes
  • Music files from E:\Music\
  • Hide your secret files:rofl: from Gallery,move files to E:\\hidden\
  • 180 MB RAM at startup (may different on your phone)
  • Call Logs to 999 days
  • EA Game Spore added to ROM
  • 9 Apps to ROM: RompatcherPlus, Filebrowser, giftaylor, WinRAR, Backup andRestore, PhonetInfo, MemCheck, Oplogo changer and PhoneTorch (hold 0 key)
  • English is the default language
  • 22 menu views
  • Beautiful startup and shutdown with tones
  • Go to Z:\data\softwares\ for necessary apps




note before flashing:

  • move contacts.cdb from C://private/10003a73/ to E:/data/backup/ (retain your contacts)
  • move C://private/1000484b/ to E://data/backup/ (never lose your messages)


How to Flash (I am using win 7 x64, so this steps for win 7, and maybe work for win xp) :

1. Download and install latest Phoenix 2011 Cr@ck3d(Click here).

2. Download E5-00 Extreme v4.0.

3. Extract RM-632 folder to


4. Now Check your flash files path again. It must be like

and in RM-632 folder, you will see multiple files.


5. Open Phoenix, Check that connections are set to

No Connections

6. Then choose File = Open Product


7. Choose RM-632.


8. Select Flashing = Firmware Update


9. Now Select 3 dots ... next to Product code in window.


10. You will see only one product code as 0595203

* Make sure that you did not marked on


11. Select that product code and click OK.


12. Now Mark on the Dead phone USB Flashing.


13. Now Move to your Phone And do following steps.

I. Take all necesary backup.

II. Format your Memory card. (or delete system folders as Private,Sys,Resorces,System) This step for avoiding "Installing apps at every startup after flash.

III. Switch Off your phone.

IV. Remove Battery and Insert in again, BUT DO NOT TURN ON.

V. Connet USB cable to your phone, Remeber, Just to your phone, NOT TO YOUR PC OR LAPTOP.

VI. Make sure that your phone is in off state.

14. Turn back on Phoenix.

15. Check that you marked on Dead phone USB flashing.

16. Now Let The Flashing Begins, Click on ReFurbish Button.

17. Click on OK for promt ie. remove batery etc...


18. Connect USB to your PCs USB Port.

19. Say Hushhhh.... and let Phoenix do other things.

* If phone did not started in flashing mode and start for charging then remove battery and insert again. or do above steps again.

* Do it at your own risk.

* If you want to revert back on original firmware then use .

**credits** to RohanAJoshi for images and tut, BrainRex for sharing images.


Waiting for your feedback, Thanks

Edited by Eagle_eyes

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bueno esta muy bien que exista un CFW para el E5 yo ya habia tenido un 5530 que siempre lo tuve con CFWS y la verdad no notaba alguna mejora debido a la poca ram que quedaba libre pero este tiene un mar de ram libre despues de encenderlo asi que espero mucho.

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