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[Nokia 500] Upm Belle Cfw 1.1 Belle 111.020.0059 Ita

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Ciao a tutti, vi segnalo questo CFW per il Nokia 500 in ITALIANO che ho provato su un Nokia 500 in mio possesso, senza trovare grandi problemi, anzi.

vi lascio alle info (in inglese) :


- language: English and Italian - use the italian ROFS2 to get this language

- improvement: mods, widgets, and some apps

- using belle OFW v111.020.0059.C15.01

- credit to widget designers for the cool customized widgets

- credit to modders for the cool mods that I used in this CFW

- thanks to kartik and syarmwawa for the cool mods and widgets

- refer to this board for flashing guide - http://forum.symbian...d-downgrading)/


- settings can't detect songs - will be fixed in the next release - fixed in beta 3

- if theme effects are not working.. download 'Symbian_Belle_base_pkg_effects' which is attached below, copy z:\resource\effects to E:\effects, and install the attachment

- if the phone crashes on boot.. revert back to v1.0 and do PM me fast.. - fixed.. please replace rofs3 with the new rofs3 attached below..


- taylor's theme effects

- removed some apps from uda - vlingo, shazam, etc

- landscape radio

- new toggle widget

- log duration up to 999 days

- faster gps location fix - not tested yet, feedbacks needed

- images from uda removed

- fp1 task manager

- UI tweaks - ported in the rofs3 attached below


- FP1 conversation

- FP1 default theme

- ks mod

- protected files can be sent via bluetooth

- extra camera zoom - after took a picture with full zoom, an error will appeared.. just zoom out quickly and the error will be disappeared

- 12 hours sound recording

- music player vol/heap mods (100%/64MB)

- faster screen rotation

- anna video player

- camera mod


- music player v17.1

- new widgets

- Nokia 808 theme effects - replaced with taylor's theme effects in v1.1


- UI improvements

- new toggle widgets

- sound improvements when using earphones

- metadata is editable for mp3s

- new battery and GSM icon

- new equalizers

- Nokia belle [fp1] and midnight blue theme integrated

- no messages and missed calls pop out

- n9 lockscreen

- short multitap

- start up optimized


- music player screen saver

- customizable equalizer

- new widgets

- up to 10 homescreens (up to 6 screens have bugs, lose the bubbles that indicate the home)

- 100% hacked

- rompatcher, ramblow, extra buttons preinstalled

- new keyboard arrangement

- Nokia 808 ringtones + Nokia X7 message tone

- autorotate lockscreen

- music player only scan some specific folders including C/E/F:\Music

- internet log


UPM belle v1.0

UPM belle v1.1

Italian ROFS2 - by Wolf9624

spero di aver fatto cosa gradita :thumbs:

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