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Backupandrestore - Minicmd.exe


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By using the BackupAndRestore pacakage, cookers can include backup features in their own cfw through highly customizable scripts.

It is also very easy to use from the user point view, indeed 3 new icons will be shown in the menu':

-1) Backup (will perform the backup of all the data which has been choosed by the cooker)

-2) Restore (will restore all the data previously saved)

-3) MiniCmd (this is optional and could be useful to execute some other maintenance task eg: killing some processes, automatically at startup, or manually by the user)

This BackupAndRestore package is totally based on MiniCmd.exe by Just Fancy... I only did some modding stuff to include 3 different icons (and related scripts).

While the original idea to use MiniCmd to include some backup and restore features in the cfw is from XCape.

Download: http://www.multiupload.com/FP7SMBZ7KA

The integration in the CFW is straigh-forward, you should only place the "For Cookers" contents in your ROFS.

And then, create the 3 scripts (can be placed in c: d: e: z:) to choose the data you want to backup/restore

\Data\BackCMD.txt (will be executed when user presses the Backup icon)

\Data\RestCMD.txt (will be executed when user presses the Restore icon)

\Data\MiniCMD.txt (will be executed when user presses the MiniCmd icon)

Scripts Commands:

This is a brief list of all the availble commands which can be used in the scripts, I suggest you to take a look at some script example to know the exact syntax for each command.

- att

- mv

- cp / copy

- md / mkdir

- rm / rmdir

- rn / rename

- delete

- find

- run

- kill

- sleep

- cmd

- key

- sendkey

- file

- note

- disable

- abort

- if

- ifn

- elseif

- elseifn

- else

- endif

- abort_if_not_exists

- abort_if_exists

- skip_if_exists

- skip_if_not_exists

- back_if_exists

- back_if_not_exists

- restart_if_exists

- restart_if_not_exists

Some Ready-Made Scripts Examples:

\Data\BackCMD.txt (saves apn, manulayout, notes, t9 database)

# saves apn, manulayout, notes, t9 database
mkdir e:\bkupfolder\
mkdir e:\bkupfolder\Apn\
mkdir e:\bkupfolder\MenuLayout\
mkdir e:\bkupfolder\Note\
mkdir e:\bkupfolder\DatabaseT9\
copy -o c:\private\10202be9\persists\cccccc00.cre e:\bkupfolder\Apn\
copy -o c:\private\200113dd\content\matrixmenudata.xml e:\bkupfolder\MenuLayout\
copy -o c:\Private\100012A5\DBS_101f8878_Notepad.dat e:\bkupfolder\Note\
copy -o c:\Predic\*.* e:\bkupfolder\DatabaseT9\
note "Saved!"

\Data\RestCMD.txt (restores apn, manulayout, notes, t9 database)

# restores apn, manulayout, notes, t9 database
copy -o e:\bkupfolder\Apn\*.* c:\Private\10202be9\persists\
copy -o e:\bkupfolder\MenuLayout\*.* c:\Private\200113dd\content\
copy -o e:\bkupfolder\Note\DBS_101f8878_Notepad.dat c:\Private\100012A5\
copy -o e:\bkupfolder\DatabaseT9\*.* c:\Predic\
note "Restored!"


#===Clean===                <-Just a comment
delete C:\System\System.ini         <-delete C:\System\System.ini
delete C:\private\102072c4\reserved     <-delete C:\System\reserved
delete C:\private\102072c4\reserved.bin   <-delete C:\System\reserved.bin
#===run SPB===               <-Just a comment
run 0x20028B16                <- start a program with uid 0x20028B16
#===kill home screen===           <- Just a comment
kill 0x102750F0                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x102750F0
#===Kill Menu===               <- Just a comment
kill 0x101f4cd2                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x101f4cd2
#===Kill SPBDeamon             <- Just a comment
kill 0x20028b1C                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x20028b1C

Some Quick Hint:

You could set the MiniCmd.exe to be launched as autostart (modding a startup*.rsc file) ;)

To hide the MiniCmd.exe icon from the main menu, just don't put the MiniCMD_reg.rsc in the ROFS.

Download for Original Fw: (the hack is required)

A stand-alone version is available too, so it can be used also in the Original Firmware...


It doesn't include any script... You must manually place the 3 scripts (BackCMD.txt / RestCMD.txt / MiniCMD.txt) in the \Data\ folder.

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