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Hack Of Symbian By Ial (No Certificate, All Models And Fws!)


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Hi .. I've done all the steps .. (I have a Nokia E5)

1. Copied the 20024113 folder in Private (located in my SD Memory)

2. Installed MrWeb (In my SD Memory) and launched it. I selected all archives and restored them.

3. Installed ROMPatch+ (In my Phone Memory) and applied Open4all (it turns into a green-check-mark icon)

I did these steps without problems .. so I ASSUME i've hacked my phone successfully .. but i don't know what i'm really doing.

Let me see if im correct:

The Open4all patch lets me write and see the system files? ..where i can see them? .. what is the advantage of being able to modify and see the system files? ..

EDIT: Now, connecting the phone to PC in Mass Storage i can see some folders like "Sys" "resource" .. this are folders located in the phone memory that now i can access through the PC ? .. what for?

The Install Server lets me install unsigned apps? can i apply the one in the ROMPatch? .. (i have symbian S60 v3 i guess)

Explain me this please .. because im good following tutorials, but i want you to explain me more .. :P:D

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LDD files are restored to C SYS BIN by antivirus to make a complete installation of ROMPATCHER. after applying open4all you have access to system to make some modding, like to put installserver in C SYS BIN to install unsigned apps. some phoes are working with patch installserver, so you can apply it too and see if it is green or RED. if RED, you have to put installserver.exe to C/SYS/BIN for your phone.

@GSMWINKEL: ofcourse E7 is hackable by this. every phone is!

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Hi, thank you very much. The installserver on the ROMPatch worked for me. (Nokia E5) :D (Image Attached)

I've just installed Gravity 1.32 unsigned with no problems (before doing the hacking i was not able to do it) so i think i have finished.

One more question: I can uninstall Dr.Web, right? because its only purpose was to move the LDD files .. but its no longer needed.


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Dear Rusnak Cobra,

I hope that you ca help me i have a Nokia N73 wich i need to hack. I know its possible with Helox but i applied today for the Devcert and i think tomorrow will have it. Last time i had some problems with hacking also Nokia N73 i hacked it but i dont remember anymore how i did it. Now i used this method the LAl antivirus method. Everything goes ok but im still not able to install unsigned apps.



Can you please tell me what im doing wrong installserver is also in right map :(

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