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Eseguire Script All'accensione (Con Minicmd)

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[NOTA: Nel documento originale in Cinese vengono indicati diversi altri comandi che sono supportati]

(Fonte: wasdf123@DailyMobile)

Wanna add startup program but the path is longer then the *rsc limit?

Wanna copy/del file at starup?

Wanna kill a program at startup?

Yes, MiniCmd let you to do it easily right now ;D

I don't have any English version of the "help" of the program so I just go through how to use this briefly using my own words, but I will still keep upload the file with Chinese description later for someone who are interested to know more about how to use this program more effectively by using some language translate tools.

First, download the attachment first (download both sis and txt)

extract it and put in to rofs2 (every CFW maker suppose know how to do it, so I am not going to explain the details here)

make it run at startup, I recommend to edit rofs2\private\2000d75b\swpnoncritical\noncriticalswpcmdlists.rsc becuase it has "z:\sys\bin\phonebook2.exe", which is long enough to replace with "MiniCMD.exe"

Now your "script runner" is ready to go, so now we have to create a script and learn how to use.

The script must name with MiniCmd.txt and put under @:\Data\MiniCmd.txt

MiniCMD search C > E > D > Z

If you put Minicmd.txt under C:\Data\ and under E:\Data\, it will run the C:\Data\Minicmd.txt instead of the E:\ one (means the E:\ one will take NO EFFECT)

However if you put Minicmd.txt ONLY under E:\Data\, it will run the E: one.

Now talk about how to create a script, if you often use CMD under Windows, you can get it how to use easily.

Usage: copy -o (source) (destination)


copy -o e:\test\test.txt e:\test.txt

This means Copy E:\test\test.txt to E:\test.txt, and overwrite the E:\test.txt if existed, if you dont want to overwrite it if existed, remove the -o parameter

Usage: mv -o (source) (destination)


mv -o e:\test\test.txt e:\test.txt

This means move E:\test\test.txt to E:\test.txt, and overwrite the E:\test.txt if existed, if you dont want to overwrite it if existed, remove the -o parameter

Usage: md (location)


md e:\test

This means make a new folder at E:\test

Usage: rename (source) (destination)


rename e:\test.txt e:\Final.txt

This means rename E:\test.txt to E:\final.txt

Usage: rm -s (location)


rm -s e:\test

This means delete all file and sub folder under E:\test, if you dont want to delete the sub folder, remove the -s parameter

Usage: Run (program name or uid)


run MiniCMD.exe
run 0x2001F848

This means run a program, I tried to run a program with its name but not success, so I recommend to use uid instead

Usage: kill (program name or uid)


kill MiniCMD.exe
kill 0x2001F848

This means kill a program, just like taskkill.exe under Windows, I tried to kill a program with its name but not success, so I recommend to use uid instead

Usage: sleep (duration)


sleep 10000

This means "wait", and wait for how long, millisecond for the unit, just like timeout.exe under Windows, the example means wait for 10 second then continue the script

Usage: #(comment)

# blah blah blah

Just comment

Additional parameter:


I think you should know what these means....


1. For more information, read the Help file (which is in Chinese :P)

2. Use unicode to save the txt file

3. Remember to use quote for the patch which have space, e.g. "E:\My Music"

4. the command can't exist 256 words, so dont make the path so long

Here is my script currently using (and which is attached), just very simple but useful

#===Clean===                <-Just a comment

delete C:\System\System.ini         <-delete C:\System\System.ini

delete C:\private\102072c4\reserved     <-delete C:\System\reserved

delete C:\private\102072c4\reserved.bin   <-delete C:\System\reserved.bin

#===run SPB===               <-Just a comment

run 0x20028B16                <- start a program with uid 0x20028B16

#===kill home screen===           <- Just a comment

kill 0x102750F0                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x102750F0

#===Kill Menu===               <- Just a comment

kill 0x101f4cd2                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x101f4cd2

#===Kill SPBDeamon             <- Just a comment

kill 0x20028b1C                <- Kill/Quit a program with uid 0x20028b1C

Credit to Just Fancy, the creator of MiniCmd ;)


Chinese Help file.txt

Edited by Il.Socio
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