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[ E6-00 ] Dopo L' Aggiornamento Firmware V. 022.014

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Nuovo Firmware per Nokia E6-00

V. 022.014 del 05-07-2011

E' uscito da qualche giorno questo aggiornamento per Anna. :thumbs:

Questi i P.C. abilitati:

0588108: euro_black

0588127: euro_silver

0588690: scandinavia_black

0588692: australia_black

0588693: singapore_black

0588985: scandinavia_silver

0588987: australia_silver

0588988: singapore_silver

059D135: euro_white

059D5V0: russia_belarus_black

059D5V1: russia_belarus_silver

059D5V2: russia_belarus_white

059D5V3: philippines_black

059D5V4: philippines_silver

059D5V5: philippines_white

059D5V6: bangladesh_black

059D5V7: bangladesh_silver

059D5V8: bangladesh_white

059D8C4: french_black

059D8C5: french_silver

059D8C6: french_white

059D8D3: baltian_black

059D8D5: baltian_silver

059D8D6: baltian_white

059F124: india_black

059F125: india_silver

059F1F5: poland_black

059F1F8: macedonia_black

059F1G0: romanian_black

059F1G1: cis_south_black

059F1G2: kazakhstan_black

059F1G3: ukraine_black

059F1G4: moldova_black

059F1G5: malaysia_black

059F1G6: cambodia_black

059F1G7: indonesia_black

059F1G9: new_zealand_black

059F1H2: nepal_black

059F1H3: sri_lanka_black

059F1H5: vietnam_black

059F1R5: poland_silver

059F1R6: macedonia_silver

059F1R7: romanian_silver

059F1R9: cis_south_silver

059F1S0: new_zealand_silver

059F1S1: nepal_silver

059F1S2: sri_lanka_silver

059F1S3: vietnam_silver

059F1S4: kazakhstan_silver

059F1S5: ukraine_silver

059F1S6: moldova_silver

059F1S7: malaysia_silver

059F1S8: cambodia_silver

059F1S9: indonesia_silver

059F247: poland_white

059F248: macedonia_white

059F249: romanian_white

059F250: cis_south_white

059F252: australia_white

059F254: new_zealand_white

059F256: nepal_white

059F257: sri_lanka_white

059F259: india_white

059F261: vietnam_white

059F262: kazakhstan_white

059F264: ukraine_white

059F266: moldova_white

059F270: malaysia_white

059F272: cambodia_white

059F273: indonesia_white

059F2B5: scandinavia_white

059F4K4: mea1_white

059F4K6: mea2_white

059F4K7: mea4_white

059F4K8: mea8_white

059F4K9: mea5_white

059F4L0: mea9_white

059F4L1: mea10_white

059F4L2: mea11_white

059F4L3: mea12_white

059F4L4: mea2_silver

059F4L5: mea4_silver

059F4L6: mea8_silver

059F4L7: mea5_silver

059F4L8: mea9_silver

059F4L9: mea10_silver

059F4M0: mea11_silver

059F4M1: mea12_silver

059F4M2: mea2_black

059F4M3: mea4_black

059F4M4: mea8_black

059F4M5: mea5_black

059F4M6: mea9_black

059F4M7: mea10_black

059F4M8: mea11_black

059F4M9: mea12_black

059F4N3: singapore_white

059F4P3: spain_black

059F4P5: lta_black

059F4P7: argentina_black

059F4P8: portugal_black

059F4Q0: mea13_black

059F4Q2: brazil_black

059F4Q7: spain_silver

059F4R0: lta_silver

059F4R2: argentina_silver

059F4R4: brazil_silver

059F4R5: portugal_silver

059F4R6: mea13_silver

059F4S1: spain_white

059F4S3: lta_white

059F4S5: argentina_white

059F4S6: brazil_white

059F4S9: portugal_white

059F4T0: mea13_white

059F789: german_lxb_black

059F791: austria_black

059F792: estonia_black

059F794: thai_black

059F796: german_lxb_silver

059F7B3: austria_silver

059F7B4: estonia_silver

059F7B5: thai_silver

059F7B7: german_lxb_white

059F7D1: austria_white

059F7D2: estonia_white

059F7D3: thai_white

059F862: finland_sweden_black

059F863: finland_sweden_silver

059F864: finland_sweden_white

059F8X8: belgium_luxembourg_black

059F8X9: mea3_black

059F8Z0: mea14_black

059F8Z1: belgium_luxembourg_silver

059F8Z2: mea3_silver

059F8Z3: mea14_silver

059F8Z4: belgium_luxembourg_white

059F8Z5: mea3_white

059F8Z6: mea14_white

059F908: mea7_iran_black

059F909: czech_black

059F911: slovakia_black

059F912: switzerland_black

059F915: mea7_iran_silver

059F916: czech_silver

059F917: slovakia_silver

059F918: switzerland_silver

059F921: mea7_iran_white

059F922: czech_white

059F923: slovakia_white

059F924: switzerland_white

059G0V9: italy_black

059G0W0: balkans_black

059G0W1: hungary_black

059G0W2: greece_black

059G0W3: israel_black

059G0W5: italy_silver

059G0W6: balkans_silver

059G0W7: hungary_silver

059G0W8: greece_silver

059G0W9: israel_silver

059G0X1: italy_white

059G0X2: balkans_white

059G0X3: hungary_white

059G0X4: greese_white

059G0X5: israel_white

059G882: usa_black

059G8Z8: canada_black

059G9K4: costa_rica_black

059G9K5: costa_rica_silver

059G9K6: costa_rica_white

059H0M0: malta_black

059H0M1: belgium_netherlands_black

059H0M2: bulgaria_black

059H0M3: malta_silver

059H0M4: belgium_netherlands_silver

059H0M5: bulgaria_silver

059H0M6: malta_white

059H0M7: belgium_netherlands_white

059H0M8: bulgaria_white

059H0M9: mea7_afganistan_black

059H0N0: mea7_afganistan_silver

059H0N1: mea7_afganistan_white

059J622: E6-00 RM-609 Country Variant Italy IT BLACK - MR

059J6L9: cyprus_black

059J6M0: cyprus_silver

059J6M1: cyprus_white

059J735: china_black

059J736: china_silver

059J737: china_white

059J739: hong_kong_black

059J740: hong_kong_silver

059J741: hong_kong_white

059J7M7: E6-00 RM-609 Vodafone Hungary HU BLACK V1 - MR

059K5R6: E6-00 RM-609 Orange France FR Black V1

Edited by Pieve

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