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About New Devcerts Issued After 23 / June / 2011


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you can always flash higher version of soft, but NEVER lower anymore. You can kill the phone by doing that. I advise you to update via Nokia Software Updater (after product code change) and then to flash the phone by custom FW. But if you can not do it, rather use Phoenix then JAF.

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1st of all : thank you so much for your effort and this free service

2cnd. I am sory if this topic wasnt the right place to ask for :

signing application for mobile ( mine is 6120c f.w v7.1 not hcked yet ). .

In fact i am using a s6v3 app called 'mobile signer ' . . . But every time i use it with the cert and key i got from you here (thanks again ) it just say 'unable to load key file ' ...

And when i tray foolishly using other key file . The signing app say ' sucsseful . . Etc ) but the target file keep un installable. . .

So plz i need help here to find a signing app for my phone that works with your cept and key . . Thank you again. . And i wil be waiting your reply.

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In the first post is explained why you cant install every app, even if it HAS BEEN SIGNED succesfully ;)

You have just flashed your phone, it means that you have "some" experience in that, so i think the best way for you is to hack by flashing a proper modded UDA. This will solve all sign issues.... :)

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you have to use KEY obtained with te certain CER file. no mixing. and why to use mobile app for signing? use PC program for doing that, more reliable. like signsis gui or siscontents.

i mean only signing HelloOX2.03 which can hack your phone!

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again thank you so much for your helping guys : in both geting the cert~ and answering my question here.

In fact i dnt have pc, so i asked the previous demand .

I downloaded a signing app that works on s60v3 phones ( virsion ) and i use it sucssefully to sign heloox2.03 and i got my 6120c v7.1 hacked . . .

So thank you bilions for your help . .

By the way the program name is

* free signer * s60v3

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1. lets say its A application, A.sis, concern about application uid, I have a unique case... the application uid is 0x2000A993, it has signed with cert key provide here... but when I installing this, its failed.. constrained by the certificate...

2. lets say its B app, B.sis, WITH UID 0x20022B8E, But when I sign and install another applications B.sis (now B.sisx) .. its installed correctly!

3. how it could be?

4. I use E71, 359357034727504 the IMEI.

5. IF YOU WANT to know the application provide me the email, and i will send it to you...

6. the A.sis application is generated by software generator, so its just like helloox2 2.11, we insert the Cert and key then the software will release the sis ...with 1 IMEI 1 phone cellular...

7. the B.sis is release by other.. usually we get it by buy it... but its cert has expired so I renew it with cert key here...

8. cert and key provide here, I USE to sign another common application, like office, ttpod, or dynafile and others just like B.sis, and found no problem... only hellox2 2.03, its installed but in part "installing root cert" takes too long...more than an hour...

9. my self analyzed, the application its self.. because i carefully insert the IMEI, if the cert and key, why others could installed.

10. so please help me.... the A.sis (e71.sis)I UPLOAD HERE...

I have n73 and e71, both are same failed and same time i request the cert and key...

e71 FW




nokia E71-1 (26)

Hellooox2 2.03 done! but still constrained by the certificate!


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not every app is a sigle SIS file which installs app to run. (understand - it's like an RAR archive, it just extract files in specific locations if it has enough rights)

for example - helloox2.11 (and all other versions before) is an app with specific UID, but inside it has other SIS files (whole apps) with their specific UID. so? now i think you understand. UID of HelloOX2.11 is OK, but one of that internal SIS files is not OK in that way :) and we can not change it, because it will not work then. (i think it is hard to explain to you that it is just like an update, and has to hav tha same UID as already installed version).

for apps with expired certificate, just set the date back in time to date it worked, and voila :) you can install again. then set tha date back after installation.

mostly, HelloOX2.03 works for E71 and N73 (as far as i know, for all FW versions). But, sometimes it's like in your case. Hope you have memory card inserted in both phones while installing and running the app. I can also recommend you to "renew" you software version (maybe not update, just to do reflash of the same) via nokia software updater (contained in nokia pc suite). Then it should work again.

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oke I understand now... thankyou very much...

-I just confused here about A.sisx.. that I uploaded here.. it cannot be installed although its signed with cert key provide here..

-then I install Helloox2 2.03 to my phone, and hack it and done hacked now, so I install again this sisx, still constrained!

- but when I unsign that a.sisx, then it become sis and when explore it with sis content, no certificate applied, then it can be installed!

- the a.sisx is application that generated by software generator, named iupdater generator 1.3, this only could generated if we insert the imei and cert and key that match to the imei and phone..

- for the first time, when i use opda(now shoujizu) the cert that their provide can be used to sign that and when installed no constrained..

- is the cert key be the problem? or that application do not have permission from Nokia or symbian signed?

thankyou Rusnak Cobra...for the time and effort...

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the devcert received before 23.6.2011 could sign and istall all aplications, no UID restriction. After that date, new certificadions are restricted. You can sign all appa, but... Only apps with UID from developers range will work. It's new way od SymbianSigned :( I call that certification crisis

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thank you again for replying and the answer...

really satisfy about your answer, outside the reality I couldn't install it...

now how possible a person to register their application to symbian signed so it can be installed to every symbian phone generally and just like other official applications.. that found no problem when installed it...

Im sorry too much asking here, but i believe this be others or many people question...

thank you for effort Rusnak Cobra

Edited by leon73
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you can register to symbian signed and get UID of the developers range. then you can create an app with that UID, and everyone then can sign this app by own cert to make it work. or, you also can publish your app on ovistore, i think for one euro fee. maybe Il.Socio will know more, as he has signed lite version of RP+ :) i am not informed enough it that way.

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I think so... but how do I register while I'm not belong to any companies.. hehe

Okay Rusnak C.. Now this conversation really satisfy me.. I think the problem is my application, I try to make it better in the future..


Il.Socio and you inspired us...

but sorry.. may be its not the last question.. hehehe

thankyou for your effort

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