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[N8-00 Fw14] Delight - By Nicesoni_Ash

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(editor's note: this cfw has been cooked by Nicesoni_Ash, I've only posted the cfw)


v1.1 (24.06.2011)

Change Log from v1.0

1. Removed 11 processes from startup thus making startup faster as well as save more RAM.

2. 146MB+ RAM free at startup.

3. Digital Zoom added in Camera app.

4. Camera Sound Mute by default

5. Touch Screen Vibration slightly less to save battery

6. General and Meeting Profiles modded by default.

•	General Profile name changed to Delight.
•	Beautiful Ringtone.mp3 added as default ringtone for General profile.
•	Cute Sms.mp3 added as default SMS tone.
•	Vibration alert set to on, Ringing volume is default, Keypad tones set to level 1, Warning tones set to on and Touch Screen Vibration set to level 1.
•	Beep Twice.aac added as default tone for Meeting profile.
•	Ringing type set to Ringing, Keypad tones disabled, Ringing volume set to level 7, Vibration alert set to on and Touch screen vibration disabled.

7. Added WinRAR v1.01

8. Added Memcheck v0.05

9. Resume download in Browser in case if stopped because of any error.

Kindly download the rofs2 file again, rest files are unchanged so if you have downloaded them earlier, don't download them again....

v1.0 (22.04.2011)


1. 6 Home Screens capabilities though you would have only one screen after flash or a hard reset.

2. Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available.

3. Ability to remove Profile/Clock widget.

4. English Language only.

5. 248+ MB Free in C:

6. FOTA Removed.

7. Cool white theme by mandeep as default theme.

8. Removed Welcome and MyNokia messages, no more Language selection option.

9. Built-in File manager can see sys, resource and edit private folders also can access root of C drive.

10. Only Messaging and Contacts will remain in memory after exit.

11. New font added (Rose M by Geevara).

12. Screensaver in Landscape mode now like in E7 (Your phone should be in Landscape mode before lock).

13. Added folder Patches (with most of S^3 working Patches inside).

14. Sysap.exe modded to run splashscreen.mif and sysap.mif from E:\Animations.

15. Change Startup and Shutdown animations/tones location to E:\Animations and increase their volume to 80%.

16. Active Diverts Notes disabled

17. Menu Reorganized by adding a modded matrixmenudata.xml

18. Removed "Show open applications" from the top of menus and "Text copied to clipboard" notification.

19. Removed Default accessory connected notification.

20. Removed Enable Bluetooth in Offline mode, will stays on when switching to Offline mode.

21. Latest installserver.exe from CodeRUS (Create folder in E:\installserver\ and you can keep a log of what installed and where).

22. Editing track details/Song metadata possible now. (Just open Music Player, select Track, go to Options - Details -> Options -> Edit. After editing go to Options -> Save).

23. Disabled Charging Notifications.

24. Removed FM transmitter on/off notifications.

25. Removed Leave Offline mode query to access network.

26. Lock screen and keyboard replaced by Reboot option.

27. Voice Recorder - Set Recording Quality to High, Duration to 12hours and storage to E drive.

28. Max Volume - Change most of the apps default volume setting to 100%.

29. Show Call Duration / Show Call Summary Enabled by default

30. Camera tone mute option.

31. Browser's cache moved to E:\ and set the amount to 32MB.

32. Music Gallery Folders - Music player will only search for files in E:\Music yet some folders are hard coded so they can't be removed from search.

33. Photo Gallery Folders - Removed lots of folders yet some folders are hard coded so they can't be removed from search.

34. Kinetic Scrolling Improvement

35. Messaging settings Predefined

•	Sent messages to 999
•	Save sent messages to Yes.
•	Delivery reports to Yes
•	Character Encoding to Full
•	Font size to small in both messaging and message editor
•	Delivery reports menu option now comes after my folder option.(See screenshot for better understanding)

36. 30fps & 100% Image mod - Photo quality change the compression ratio from original 85/75/60 to 100/85/75, Video will change from 25fps to 30fps and the Capture audio quality will change from 128kbps to 256kbps.

37. Popup UI Improvement

38. The FM Transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia".

39. Camera app will fully shutdown once you close the apps thus saving a bit more RAM.

40. Vibration Alert Improvement

41. UI Improvement

41. Haptics Improvement - Lower the vibration and fine tune level 1/2/3 haptics feedback - Experimental

42. Music Player Volumn/Heap Mods - Experimental

43. Context Data Object Maximum Size - Experimental

44. Video Call FPS Improvement - Experimental

45. Database Max Record Count - Experimental

46. HWRM Process Priority - Experimental

47. Voice Recognition Improvement - Experimental

48. XCAP Cache Increase - Experimental

Added applications:

1. Video Player v9.22(53) to support subtitles.

2. Search v5.00.1045.

3. Here and Now v2.0(2)

4. RomPatcher+ 3.0 (with working Autostart)

5. Btswitch v1.00(0)

6. Nokia Ovi Maps v3.06(587) (ovi_maps_3_06_10wk50_b12_tb9_2_195660)

Installation Instructions

1. Download all files from navifirm of N8's original firmware (In case anything goes wrong)

2. Now replace original firmware's Core, Rofs2, Rofs3 and Uda with my file renaming them to your original firmware files.

3. Now flash it with Phoenix... (Google for flashing with Phoenix)

4. If after flashing, your phone won't power on or go in test mode.., just disconnect the phone from PC, switch it off completely and then start it with power key, it will work.

5. If even after doing everything right, your phone turned out to be dead and won't power on., kindly use all my files including all .vpl and signature files archived in Other Remaining Files.rar...

Important Info...

Do format your Mass Memory or at least delete the system folders before flashing with this firmware. It's not mandatory yet would be better.

• After you flash or hard reset this Custom Firmware, you will have a new folder in your E drive named InstallNow. Kindly install the "Final Installation.sis" file in there as that's QT v4.7.3 and it's needed for the font I embedded in my Custom Firmware.

• If you find difficulties installing Ovi Store or don't want to install it through software updater, install it manually using Install Ovi Store.rar file..






Other Remaining Files

Install Ovi Store

Credit goes to

Il.Socio (Rompatcher+)

CodeRUS (Mods and cenrep Help),

Sklchan (For .cre files),

Oreo (No welcome/nokia message),

Rawand Kurdy (Screensaver in Landscape),

HyperX (30fps and 100% Image mod),

NP (few cenrep mods)

and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

Thanks and enjoy.. :D

Do write your bugs/experience.. Will keep updating in future too.. :D

Edited by Il.Socio
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  • 2 years later...

scusate ma il cfw presente in questa pagina è quello creato da codesti individui che ci tengono aggiornati grazie al blog n8delight?

se la risposta è "si"...

sarebbe possibile aggiornare la discussione con il FW 6.2 ?

grazie :thumbs:

p.s se magari lo usa qualcuno codesto cfw.. può gentilmente postare un video in italiano ?

Edited by Giuseppina
rimosso link esterno
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I link ai siti esterni non sono consentiti.

I cfw sono pubblicati citando autore ed eventuali fonti.

Nel caso specifico, gli autori sono elencati alla fine del primo post. :)

Per le domande che poni, attendi che qualcuno ti risponda in maniera appropriata ;)

Io elimino il link al blog ;)

Edited by Giuseppina
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I link ai siti esterni non sono consentiti.

I cfw sono pubblicati citando autore ed eventuali fonti.

Nel caso specifico, gli autori sono elencati alla fine del primo post. :)

Per le domande che poni, attendi che qualcuno ti risponda in maniera appropriata ;)

Io elimino il link al blog ;)

potresti sollecitare almeno ad aggiornare la discussione ?

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