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Il testo è preso dal forum internazionale. Le mie impressioni sono molto buone. :) La velocità mi sembra quella della V-11, ed è implementato l'hx-patcher. In più è stato modificato il lettore musicale per farlo assomigliare a quello dell'N8 ed è stato messo il lettore video in verticale. Ci sono anche molte patch in rom-patcher (alcune non le conosco) e c'è anche la schermata di lock screen in stile S^3.

Le lingue sono inglese tedesco e russo.

Un avvertimento: subito dopo averla installata, andate a modificare i settaggi dell'overclock nel patcher perchè il clock è impostato a 220-800-900, cosa che non consiglio.

Hello. Sorry, but I do not know English, I live in Germany, but German and I do not know, only the Russian.. Gathered here this my first firmware, I8910 Fallen Speed. Basis I8910ZXJC1.

And so:

- Firmware without kinetics in the menu, the bottom bar is completely replaced ..

- Format drive E is turned off, no need to clean the system folder. machine to clean the following folders: E: \ Private \ Sounds \ System \ Sys \ Resource \ Cachefile ..

- Languages: phone - Russian, English and German; input - Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. The keyboard rests on E resource plugins. Auto coup keyboard ..

- Memory: 92 MB drive C and 190 Mb Ram after the start .. Full access, hacking, without any patches, etc. Gadget on drive C, did not move to IE.

- Delete: Adobe Reader, Quickoffice, Roadysnc, Smartreader, Utalk, Print, Gypsii, Space me / Place me / Explore me ..

- Posted by: Correspondence, Flashlight, Rompatcher (without commercials) screenshoter, Nokia File Browser 4.5.2, with the C5 blocker. And also there is the installation of Chinese patch on the C drive.


* New music. player, video player in the vertical, the keyboard with icons on the N8 ..

* Picture of the default outgoing / incoming call, if not installed to contact ..

* Quickly open folders games and applications (100 applications in the Applications folder, open late, 0,5-0,8 seconds) ..

* Added a paragraph Reloaded! When you long press just off ..

* Video camera writes without desync, at least I and another tester did not notice. I put the 4-3 pause, did not notice. Fotokodek Milestone (from N204) ..

* Added HXPatcher, for even more fine-tuning our smartphone ..

* Media: music scans of E / music and the F / music; video from E / videos, and F / videos ..

* Baidu Input, Swype everything works fine ..

* Take the lower bar on the fly

for Samsung Widget samsungtoolbar.mif placed on file C:/resource/apps ..

Basic c: \ private \ 10207254 \ themes \ 271012080 \ 270513751 \ 271063148 \ 1.0 \ sources \ ss60_toolbar_icons.mif

Finger Use c: \ private \ 10207254 \ themes \ 271012080 \ 270513751 \ 271068379 \ 1.0 \ sources \ ss60_toolbar_icons.mif

* Disable sound when requesting the balance. Replaced ringtones, sms and alarm clock ..

* Voice wrote to 128 kbs, up to 3 hours ..

* Added animation and sound on and off ..

* Photo, 3DNav and 3DTask present. After the reboot, not flies ..

* N204 Kastor Effects..

Qui il download: http://webfile.ru/5238896

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