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Cfw N79 Rm-348 V32.001


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segue descrizione originale del cooked...

(editor's note: this cfw has been created by Emperor, I've only posted the cfw)

Possible this is first CFW for N79 in ihe world :)

I welcome.

I am describing CFW for you to N 79 Nokia.

Based on newest software.

It is so my first CFW doesn't have frenzy ;)


My movie around flash and working of phone.

List of changes in the ratio to the original:

changed splashscreen

changed starting animation

changed sound starting

changed parting picture left

tandard themes to casings left

kastor to them (only starlets are flying in menu^^)

added new kastor "Trapezium 2" instead of knowing

preinstalled Nseries motive 1 from N78

as knowing reserved.bin 8 kb instead of ~ 5 MB

71.5 MB on C by the format

Permanent HACK - installserver from pnht don't need the installserver patch and rompatcher to hack

Removed icon of the memory card

enhanced automatic_rotation

turned off compression of photographs at 5 MPx

2 languages of Poland and English

Poland language as default

tss built in marta polish

unblocked chat application

musical Player in the WMP style (the cover and buttons)

changed bright date by the format on 1.1.2011

in ROFS 2 is still a lot of space (50 %) (left to maps 3 - almost ready)

it isn't necessary to format the Phone after flash of this software - C intact

Software doesn't have integrated rompatcher

Sniffer Wlan Plug-in icon from Eseries in Active I.

it is likely that I forgot for some reason to exchange ;)

How to flash? As this way as at the movie, we are choosing CORE (standard), LANGUAGE (file from the attachment) and CUSTOMER (standard). If somebody wants for himself let him do the format after the installation but there is no such need. In J.A.F. flash oneself very similarly...

Sorry for my bad english.

DOWNLOAD ROFS2: http://rapidshare.com/files/449679611/emperor_RM-348_32.001_006_prd.language.rar

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