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New 5230 Katalyst

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Usage Instructions

Use my ROFS3 & UDA with the original ROFS2 (Rename them as your original ROFS3 & UDA)

No need to hard-reset your phone after flashing like other CFWs. Just use your phone after flashing normally

Flash your phone with K^2 & see the speed yourself, it's the fastest firmware till now

If you're a n00b & don't know how to flash, here's a Flashing Tutorial for you.

Don't forget to see how much free RAM i got after experimenting ( added in the screenshots).


Katalyst^2 changelog


List of modifications

Boot Modifications

Startup of useless applications disabled which makes the CFW boot faster than before

Now get the freedom to choose your own Bootscreen(s). Not just that, unlike other CFWs, in Katalyst^2 you get 2 different Boot animations & sounds

Just select your boot animation(s) & sound(s). Place them in E:\Boot\ (automatically created by the FW). Rename them as-


First boot animation file - startup.gif

First boot sound file - startup.mp3

Second boot animation file - startup 2.gif

Second boot sound file - startup 2.mp3



Katalyst is the most flexible CFW in terms of Homescreens. You get to choose your own homescreens yourself (Not only just OraTsu like other CFWs, but also Orange Tornado & Vodafone HS)

There are 2 variants of the FW. One is the 8HS variant (No flash HS to avoid bugs) & the other one is the 9 HS variant (With flash HS)

These homescreens are provided with the FW-

Contacts Bar


Full page

Navigation bar

Shortcuts bar

In the 9HS variant, you get samsung widget HS (Flash HS) without the samsung bottom bar. You can manually add/remove it anytime you want by simply placing this samsungtoolbar.mif in E:\resource\apps

Here are some links for HS threads. Choose whichever you like.

Collection of OraTsu homescreens

Collection of Vodafone homescreens


I've tried to make Katalyst^2 like a universal FW. So nothing useless added. Users get to choose what they want to add to their phones. Nothing useless added


Conversations (Integrated in messaging UI & hidden from menu)


New fileBrowser

BTswitch (Hidden)

Music player controls (Hidden)

Auto-installer not added. You can install it manually (It's a free app available on thinkchange's website)


Original c6 theme added

Only one theme added as i wanted to keep the CFW clean to give the users the choice for their own personalisation

Download default nokia stripes themes here


Graphical Modifications

Theme Effects: Speed Type 2 by Joker with Super Turbo Manifest

User Interface highly accelerated to give you a blazing fast phone

Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase

User Interface and Games framerate increased from 22 to 30 fps

Blazing fast screen rotation

Polished the UI for heavy usage

You can now play games better

Kinetic scrolling made extreemly smooth

Kinetic scrolling removed from short lists to make it even faster

Blue curve menu busy circle

My own digital menu mod used

Default Fonts Used


Performance Modifications

CPU load decreased

RAM Cache in C:\ for best performance

Zero start up of background applications

The FW prevent applications (Calender, Clock, Logs) from going in background automatically after you close them. But Contacts & messaging will still remain in background after you close them to ensure the best speed while using them.

New CPU settings to boost performance

Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance

System cache increased

Battery Optimised (to get the best out of your battery)


Media Modifications


Gallery Browsing Speed Increased.

Gallery will not search the folder "E:\Wallpapers\" (and it also won't search E:\boot\)

Music Player

Music Player Reads only E:\Music\

Music player speed highly accelerated

Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)

Music Player will Refresh even faster


Camera won't eat RAM after being closed

Camera capture tone 3 changed, Now you'll get N8's camera capture tone when you select camera capture tone 3

To silence the camera capture tone, select camera capture tone 4.

Web Browser

Default Web Browser Cache increased to 10 MB and moved to E:\

"Rotate" Option in Browser

File Manager

Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads

Nokia default file browser will show system folders and root folder (Just enable ReadCroot.rmp Patch)


Misc. Modifications

Bluetooth name changed to Katalyst^2

Call volume changed to maximum by default

Default profile name changed from General to Katalyst^2

FOTA disabled to gain extra 5 MBs in C:\

Lock/Unlock vibration removed to gain even more battery life

Delivery Reports turned on by default

Character encoding set to full support by default

Now you can record up to 12 Hours

"In call timer" ON by default

Voice Recording quality improved

Tacticle Vibration Feedback turned OFF in "Katalyst^2" profile by default

Light sensor settings changed

Default screen brightness set to 50% by default



queste le info trovate scusatemi ma nn sono molto esperto, cmq devo dire che va abbastanza bene e molto veloce appena posso posto qualche altra immagine.


qui la versione 9h per inserimento toolbar samsung


questa la toolbar


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