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Product Codes Nokia N900 Rx-51

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ATTENZIONE! Non si assicura la piena corrispondenza tra i codici e le lingue indicate

Product Codes Nokia N900 RX-51 EURO

0560826: RX-51 UK Ireland

0574179: RX-51 Scandinavia Finland Sweden

0574180: RX-51 France

0574383: RX-51 Germany

0574384: RX-51 Spain Portugal

0574385: RX-51 Italy

0574386: RX-51 Russia

0582644: RX-51 Poland

0582645: RX-51 Netherlands

0582648: RX-51 Belgium

0583516: RX-51 Light Swap

0584570: RX-51 Slovakia

0584571: RX-51 Croatia Makedonia

0584572: RX-51 Czech

0584598: RX-51 Swap

0585168: RX-51 Montenegro Greece Serbia

0587236: RX-51 Scandinavia Norway Denmark

0587810: RX-51 Swap Russia

0587813: RX-51 Swap France

0591362: RX-51 Estonia

0591467: RX-51 Ukraine

0591474: RX-51 Hungary

0593709: RX-51 Switzerland

Product Codes Nokia N900 RX-51 MIDDLE EAST - AFRICA

0582646: RX-51 South Africa

0582647: RX-51 MENA ( Middle East and Africa)

Product Codes Nokia N900 RX-51 ASIA - PACIFIC

0583566: RX-51 Australia

0583568: RX-51 Thailand

0583569: RX-51 Philippines

0583570: RX-51 Malaysia

0583571: RX-51 Singapore

0583572: RX-51 Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia

0583573: RX-51 India

0598090: RX-51 South-Asia(Nepal,Sri Lanka)

0599194: RX-51 Taiwan

0599195: RX-51 Hong Kong

0599708: RX-51 Light Swap SEAP Philippines

0599721: RX-51 Light Swap SEAP General

Product Codes Nokia N900 RX-51 AMERICAS

0580952: RX-51 USA

0587812: RX-51 Swap USA

059B7C3: RX-51 Brazil

Product Codes Nokia N900 RX-51 Operators

0593611: RX-51 UK CV

0595421: RX-51 Vodafone UK GB Contract black

0595085: RX-51 TMN (Telecomunicacoes Moveis Nacionais S.A.) PT V1 - Black

059B800: RX-51 Country Variant Taiwan TW Black V1

059B8X8: RX-51 PTK Centertel (Orange PL) PL Black V1 - MR

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