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connecting people

[upgrade]profimail V2.38

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1.01 - Initial release

1.04 - Czech, Slovak language, Advanced account configuration, Send by BT/IR in File Browser, Audio notifications

1.05 - Using system Contacts

1.06 - Support for Unicode file system, fixed utf-8 decoding, allow non-GPRS access points, Cyrillic text entry

1.10 - Added support for T9 dictionary and phone-native text entry

1.20 - Port to UIQ

1.22 - Built-in self-update, reduced battery drain in auto-update mode, reduced memory requirements, fixed Turkish charset coding

1.23 - SSL for POP3/IMAP and SMTP

1.24 - Russian language, language selection in Config, 'keep connection' option

1.30 - Port to SmartPhone

1.31 - Improved SMTP+SSL, improved Address Book, using "Reply-to" address for replies

1.33 - Italian, German languages

1.35 - Visual notification for new mail

2.00 - Imap folders

2.11 - Port to Pocket PC

2.12 - French language, Greek coding

2.16 - Several fixes, improved IMAP root folder, lower memory consumption

2.18 - Polish language, Added Cc, Bcc address field

2.19 - Reply-all, Rule action: move to folder

2.20 - Hungarian language, port to Series80

2.21 - Norwegian/baltic special characters, improved Series80 shortcuts

2.22 - Fixed PPC/SP access point selection

2.23 - Fixed SMTP disconnect hang (on gmail)

2.24 - Option to hide Saved/Sent mailboxes, Compatibility with Nokia 6680, fixed 'Send immediately' for IMAP, fixed crash when adding recipients, fixed contacts on UIQ

2.25 - shortucts for Hide/Unhide, improved performance, workaround for Gmail

2.26 - fixed sending attachment without extension, ukrainian symbols

2.27 - Fixed compatibility with Nokia 7610/6260/3230

2.30 - Port to Nokia 7710

2.31 - Added In-reply-to field, preset Bcc copy for sent messages

2.32 - Support for Pocket PC VGA screen, few small bugfixes

2.34 - Big font size (S60/SmartPhone), allow setting limit of messages to download, delete messages from phone only, delayed download of attachments (on IMAP accounts)

2.36 - Portuguese language, animated gifs

2.37 - Partial message download, fixed SmartPhone WM5 version

2.38 - Fixed image downloader, fixed hangs in download, Windows Mobile 5 soft-keys enabled

Sito ufficiale:


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io però ho la versione 2.39.

La versione è perfettamente funzionante,solo che io non riesco a setterla...ho tin.it e sto impazzendo per configurarlo.

Edited by Ricky_80

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