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Firmware Nokia 6681 - By Iulo


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Prima di leggere questa discussione è indispensabile che abbiate letto il


Evitate di aprire discussioni o postare messaggi su argomenti illegali come le procedure per sbrandizzare il telefono, cambiare il Product Code, aggiornare con softwares craccati, etc, etc... Ogni discussione tendente a promuovere anche implicitamente tali procedure verr\'e0 imediatamente cancellata senza preavviso e spiegazioni ( artt. n. 2 e 6 del Regolamento della Nokioteca ) e gli autori saranno sottoposti a procedimento di sospensione.

Inoltre evitate anche di fare richieste poco legali in privato allo Staff Nokioteca.


Ultimo Fw disponibile per 6681 No Brand: 7.11.00 del 15-03-2007

Ultimo Fw disponibile per 6681 Internazionale: 7.11.00 (AMERICAS – APAC – CHINA – EMEA) del del 15-03-2007

Nel messaggio n. 2 di questa discussione trovate il CHANGE LOG (le migliorie ed i cambiamenti dell'aggiornamento)

Per vedere la versione del Firmware istallata sul vostro telefono Nokia digitate *#0000# .



Fw di partenza : 3.10.6 del 11-04-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento I : 4.00.15 del 28-05-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento II : 5.37.01 del 14-09-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento III : 6.09.00 del 27-02-06 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento IV : 7.11.00 del 15-03-07 (AMERICAS – APAC – CHINA – EMEA)


Fw di partenza : 3.10.6 del 11-04-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento I : 3.20.3 del 22-04-05 (CHINA)

Aggiornamento II : 4.00.15 del 28-05-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento III : 5.37.01 del 14-09-05 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento IV : 6.09.00 del 27-02-06 (CHINA – EMEA)

Aggiornamento V : 6.32.00 del 07-08-06 (CHINA)

Aggiornamento VI : 7.11.00 del 15-03-07 (AMERICAS – APAC – CHINA – EMEA)


Eventuali messaggi che hanno come argomento versioni di Firmwares specifiche possono essere postati nelle discussioni dedicate, ossìa:


Tutorial Firmware Nokia's Phones : Clicca Qui / Click Here

Lista completa dei Firmwares dei telefoni Nokia : Clicca Qui / Click Here

Tutorial Update tramite Nokia Software Updater (NSU): Clicca Qui / Click Here

Nokia PC-Suite : Clicca Qui / Click Here


I - Gli aggiornamenti sono importanti nei primi mesi di vita del telefono soprattutto se è appena uscito, ma una volta stabilizzatosi (risolti i bugs che ogni telefono nuovo presenta e che si potrebbero evitare se mamma Nokia li testasse meglio...) non portano grandi migliorie;

II - Se il telefono non vi da problemi gli aggiornamenti non sono strettamente necessari;

III - L'aggiornamento del Firmware eseguito con qualsiasi procedura comporta comunque dei rischi nel senso che può accadere un qualsiasi imprevisto che vi 'brucia' o blocca il telefono ed allora perchè stare intere settimane senza telefono? Perchè rischiare?

Insomma non aggiornate se non è necessario, godetevi il telefono invece di stare sempre dietro all'ultimo aggiornamento. :thumbs:

Edited by Iulo
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CAMBIAMENTI / MIGLIORAMENTI prodotti dall'aggiornamento alla versione software v.4.00.15

Changes when upgrading From V 3.10.6 to V 4.00.15

New features:

Call and network management

- It is possible to edit Fixed Dialing Number from 28 digits to 40 digits

- Recording during call is possible


- SMS sending works after power on, when sms is created in off-line mode

- Enchancements to SMS message length counter


- MMS is presented correctly when received from LG phone


- Extra empty lines removed when viewing an email


- Dial-ups (USB & BT) works after USB PictBridge printing

- Dial_up not dropped during uploading on FTP


- Answering or rejecting a call possible when playing the game


- Camera application closes by closing camera slide door, also when phone is locked

- Camera flash LED setting is saved when application exits

- AP Configurator database updated


- Call creation from Phonebook / Call Log after Pre-Paid Saldo information message now possible


- Enable name and number CLI display for RM-57 EMEA/LAM/China variants

- Nokia startup animation desplayed also when text welcome note is in used

- Un-used I/O pins configured out to minimize current consumption

- Background wallpaper drawing corrected when Active Idle is set to on

- "New message" and "Mailbox" icons has been corrected to Active Idle

- Improved "Renesas" MMC card reliability

- Added error notification when trying to insert over 300kB image in MMS

- Phoenix Service Software version 2005.12.5.90 or later

- Product Data Package v5.0

- PKD-1 Dongle & Flash Prommer FPS-10 or DKU-2 USB Cable

- Product specific service devices

From V 4.00.15 to V 5.37.01

New features:


- CLI shown now correctly after a fax call.

- Call set up improvements.

- Improvements to automatic redialling.

- Improvements to location update procedure.

- Correction for reset problem when receiving forwarded call from switchboard.

- Speed dialling improvements.


- Bootup stability improvements.

- Service provider name shown correctly when SPDI read from USIM.

Audio and Video

- awb files are now played correctly.

- All streaming links played correctly from .ram file that contains several streaming links.

- Improvements to streaming pause/resume functionality.

- Video editor stability improvements.

- DRM protected video files handling improved in video editor.


- Browser stability improvements.

- Browser behaviour improved when browsing certain pages.

- If*Modified*Since header sent correctly.

- Numeric input mode defined in password field.

- Resuming after service lost works now correctly.

- Java ? Install/Notify problem corrected.

- Pages with marquee and img tags now shown correctly.


- Chinese input added to mailbox user settings.

- 7*bit/Unicode character counter support added for SMS.

- Improvements to MMS reception.

- Word wrapping correction.

- Mail application stability improvements.

- SMS sending failure for multiple addresses corrected.


- Block size increased in MMC writing.

- AP configurator updated.

- SyncML client temporary data excluded in backup.

- Handling of large images improved.

- File manager stability improvements.

- Operator name list updated.

- Car kit connection improvements.

- Bootup ensured even if there is corrupted MMC or corrupted font files in terminal.

- Upper case letters enabled in phonebook edit label.

- Folder path name length extended to max. 255 characters.

- Improvements to out of memory situations.

- Gallery MMC handling improvement.

- Correction to charging indicator.

- Localization corrections.

- Stability improvements for FTP upload.

- Correction for call log disappearing with certain sim cards.

- Display light timer improvements.

- MMC name shown correctly in Chinese language after the format.

- Calendar observer functionality improved.

- Extra security code added to prevent users to play non DRM protected AAC files by renaming the file.

- Serial port signal handling improved.

- Optimization for colour/white balance when taking pictures with flash.

From V 5.37.01 to V 6.09.00

New features:


- Call log time delay problem corrected


- Stability improvements with Ukrainian SIM card

- Improvements to network registration with Axalto SIM card

Audio and Video

- New parameters for hi-fi headsets

- Headset icon visibility improved


- Improvements in showing forward locked animation (GIF)

- Browser cache cleared every time when exit from browser

- Softkey functionality corrected when browser is launched from SIM-ATK

- Improvements to browser rendering


- Default MMS settings configuration corrected

- Stability improvements to MMS functionality

- MMS editor handling better DRM protected audio files

- Improved functionality with MMS messages received via email, containing only image

- Email improvements in Hebrew language

- Extra line breaks removed from email message body


- Improvements to CK-7W connection management

- Bluetooth pairing improvements


- Changes to Access point names and settings

- Operator name list updated

- Displaying track list names in MMC improved, also in Chinese language

- Improvements to UnstructuredSSNotify messages

- Improved memory handling in DRM Rights Server and DRM Rights Database

- Improvements to application uninstallation

- Logic how to display SPN/ONS name changed

- General stability improvements

- Calendar alarm tone improvements

From V 6.09.00 to V 7.11.00

New features:


- Improvement in general stability

- Service usability improvements

Edited by Iulo
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