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  1. Can you post some shots please? and theme also if it is worKing on N97?
  2. @Libertine, excellente themes! really good ones, but any chance to have them in default icons versions? please the O theme is fantastic
  3. A Dark Grey SVG version please? Large display users like me (E90) cant use those grate themes!
  4. Really nice theme, can you post a default icons version please? thx.
  5. @Ivanov, today is sunday, if im not wrong, the release is near, just waiting......
  6. Travis, you think can make a theme like this that is shown in pictures above?, its like new safari browser, all in SVG if you can and default icon version.... a big request could be. Thx anyway.
  7. I want it just like this!, no bar and default icons.... nice.
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