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  1. Do you have more lists like this, with other continents? EURO 2A VF = VOD-GB, VOD-PT, VOD-HU EURO 2C VF = VOD-GB, VOD-NL, VOD-CZ EURO 2H TMO = TRG-AT, COS-RO, COT-GR, TMO-PL, TMO-AT, TMO-SK, 000-33, TMO-NL EURO 3V CV = 000-33, 000-FI, 000-34, 000-SE, TNO-NO, 000-NO EURO 3Z TMO = TMO-HR, TMO-HU, TMO-MK, 000-33 EURO 6A CV = 000-BY, 000-KZ, 000-RU, 000-UA EURO 7F CV = 000-HU EURO 8H CV = 000-BE, PRO-BE EURO 9T CV = 000-AT, 000-CH
  2. Thanks Mancae, This site was all I need. This help me so much.
  3. Thanks again! How can I know what code is that country on list of product codes? It's confuse to me in some cases.
  4. I saw there is a new firmware to Lumia 730 from Switzerland, but I can't find his Product Code. Can someone help me? I need the firmware Product code from Switzerland Country Variant.
  5. Please, someone can help me with what product code is used in India for Lumia 720 and 730? I saw on this forum but I dont know what is the correct code for the country. Thanks
  6. Is it possible to install a Lumia 735 firmware in a Lumia 730 Dual SIM? They have the same hardware, but one is single chip 4G and another is dual chip 3G. Someone had make this test? This can brick the cellphone?
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