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  1. RT @AoTWiki: Attack on Titan Banpresto Lottery Collaboration Prize A and B Large Eren and Levi Cloths https://t.co/x0ZGCnk1uT

  2. Oggi non ci voleva questo episodio di violet evergarden, proprio no

  3. RT @PaperG0ddess: Instead of being a responsible child and studying for semester finals, I did a face swap with Tendou and Ushijima. https:…

  4. i miei genitori che si mettono a parlare fra di loro con un tono di voce anche parecchio sostanzioso mentre io cerc… https://t.co/zIPcHt08qV

  5. RT @SquadSophie: Kit needs to be stopped https://t.co/0klt1CVju9

  6. RT @Senator_TJ: Could have been my Grandfather.. Your father, your uncle.. could've been anyone. Just minding his own business. RIP Mr. G…

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