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  1. POT SIGN TOOLS is a Program that Allow you to: Extract the imei(s) from symbian signed certificate(s) to see that certificate is yours or not " Certificate Extract Tool" .add your certificate ,press" certificate extract tool", then you will find a text document on your desktop. The name of the document have the same name of the certificate .Open the document you will find all imei numbers contained in the certificate ,find your Imei number. Selfsign symbian os 9.x application witch is only with (Local Services Network Services Read User Data User Environment Write User Data & Location permission on fp2 and s60v5 ) Root sign symbian os 9.x application with the Opda , leftup , BiNPDA based root signs Program contain quick imei viewer function that allow you to find your imei contain the certificate or not by clicking on the path of the certificate after select the certificate file. Sign immediately after drag and drop function can make sign so easy and you need not to press the sign button after drag your files on the list and it can save your time by remove unsigned files function you can remove your unsigned files after sign save the cer and key files path allow you to do not select your certificate and key for the next time and the program will select your files automatically after start for the program Signed files path can easily set the path of signed files and you can directly move the signed files to your phone in data storage mode Easy sign symbian os 9.x application with your own certificate and key. Change Log 1- Checking certificate and key matching and healthy function added 2- Added simple mode to application to easy use 3- Log function for creating text file of the jobs you have done with application 4- Unsigned function added 5- Some bug fixed about quick imei viewer 6- Fixed bug that application didn't start on some pc 7- Added capabilities for WIN 7 64 bit Download
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