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  1. As you already know this software helps extend menu .. 4x5 packaged software complete is sis file. installation it reboot and enjoy. i wish you happy...!! menu 4x5 by manhdk.zip
  2. This mode show your memory card icon on top status bar ...Make sure your device is unlocked / jailbroken / hackedInstall the .sis package and only tick Instalar Icono and continue installationRestart your phone to see this mod working. (You should have microSD inserted on your device)It works 100%That worked perfect on my N8 Belle How install..copy to .txt file c: private/10202be9 and .cre file copy to persist folder! Njoy...! Memory Card.zip
  3. "THANX TO ZINGER FOR SHARE" Widget groups of contacts with quick access to frequently used methods of communication. Taken from the N8 111.040.0904 v7.2 by Taylor By clicking on any contact button appear in the widget calls, messages, etc. . Checked at 111.040.0904, FP1,C7 Belle N8 commslauncherwidget_1892(1).sis
  4. big analog flag map clocks for Belle devices.there are two clocks, semi transparent and non transparent. I have tested some of them and they all work just fine. Enjoy....! Italy.rar
  5. Force Control makes your phone much easier to use - the most common settings are just one click away! Force Control widget gives a quick access to the device's key features directly from the home screen. Changelog v1.2.2 Rotation control can lock to landscape now. Modes are automatic Landscape-portrait. Njoy...!! note: For Hack phone or sign with your Certificate force control widget v1.02(2) s^1^3 anna belle unsigned retail by outcast.sis
  6. MOD: Kinetic Scrolling Improvement for Symbian Anna/Symbian Belle My new mod for Anna/Belle. Native KS is very bad, so here is my mod... Reboot after installation. Makes it faster Enjoy. KS Improvement Update v1.1 >>>> Once start scrolling at any speed stop only When list end.... Speed Depend on you. KS Improvement Speed >>>> really crazy speed!
  7. The most luxury launcher on Symbian is here! Really 3D and stunning! 3D Home Screen is the featured app from MMMOOO, it helps you to access your frequent system apps conveniently. All UI are base on 3D, elegant and cool! With 3D Home Screen, you will find your phone is also premium and cool and the envy of Njoy...!! MMMOOO_3DHomescreen_V1.0_S^3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis
  8. 02.06.12: version number 3.3. Added more volume to fm radio in headset. Add patch in to domain autostart, copy ParamServfrom Z:/resource to C:/resource, -for more volume in headset(musik and call) and earpiece - unpack file from "MoreVolume" to"c:/resource/ParamServ" -for more quality and Bass in headset, as were in Anna - unpack all files from "AnnaParams" to c:/resource/ParamServ". -After that reboot the phone. Patch was made for Belle, but I think it will work on Symbian S^3 too. All sound mods will be adde here. Old patch for loudspeaker you might to delete, or you will disable iy, when you listening musik in Headset. i have attached Domainsvr files extract its and put in your Patchs Njoy...!! 21)SoundImprovementV3.3(1).zip domainsrv.rar
  9. Description: By this mod your battery life will be increased between 25-30% more than before. Instructions: Install app,restart your phone & enjoy! This mod is fully tested and working on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle & Symbian Anna OS,but may be works on all Symbian^3 devices. Your phone must be hacked. UPDATE v4.0 Changelog: - More and more faster phone & longer Battery life Tested and working perfectly on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle OS 111.040.0704 Uninstall previous version of mod,install v4.0,reboot phone & enjoy Note: extract the sis files and install in c / phone memory Max Battery Life mod by ivo777 v4.0 FINAL(1).sis
  10. Updated v1.7!!! The changes list: 1) More icons in portrait (4x5 grid) and landscape(7x3.grid) 2) Allow rename applications in menu.( You will delete the C:/sys/bin/menurenderer.dll, if you used this mod, before this day.) 3) Fixed icons alignment 4) Fixed text alignment. 5) Enabled function, to allow create folers in folders 6) Disabled scroll bar. There are two folders in archive: -first with all features -second contains all features, but with enabled scroll bar. Unpack the archive, and Reboot the phone (or kill homescreen and ailaunch). Unpack the archive, and Reboot the phone (or kill homescreen and ailaunch) Enjoy... 14)ExtendedMenuGridForBellev1.7(1).zip
  11. How to install: - Copy the files to their respective locations in C: - Remove the folder c:\private\200159c0\themes\ and restart phone. - After removing the folder "themes" your homescreen setup will be reverted. - Add widget on desktop Tested on Nokia N8 official Belle H@ck3d! Enjoy!! Note: How to uninstall back-up c:\private\200159c0\themes\ before un-installing. In case something gone wrong you can re-install it again. Notifications_widget_for_Belle.zip
  12. HI Brother..! just simple install sis files in C phone memory and reboot your phone then add widget profiles Its working good on N8 belle
  13. [patch] Remove Recording Tone for Symbian Belle by CODeRUS Just patch fo Symbian Belle for removing beep when recording call. ;Patch: Totally Remove Recording Tone ; for SaAudioServer.dll ; only for Symbian Belle ; by CODeRUS ; in 0x7DA ; Patch fully removes beep when recording a call SnR:sys\bin \saaudioserver.dll:38bd10b50446002 Note: Extract files and copy to your Patchs in c or e I have test worked on my N8 TRemoveRecTone_belle.zip
  14. Most of the Belle users including me doesn't like the profile widget coz of it's grey color which looks kinda bad.. so this mod will make your profile widget transparent and if you don't like it, you can always go back..your Default Transparent Profile Widget.sis - Will make your profile widget transparent Default Profile Widget.sis - Will restore the original profile widget. Hacked phone needed. Njoy my all Brothers...! Transparent Profile Widget.sis Default Profile Widget.sis
  15. Time to capture without hearing the sound. Enjoy your silent camera anywhere anytime without disturbing the nearby people. The installation will be automatically added to drive c. Of course there is no icon with this release. After installation, open camera app and click setting. Then set the camera sound to off and restart. 100% working on c-601 belle.fp1 and N8 belle... Njoy...! Camera Sound Mute Mod Belle - unsigned.sis
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