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  1. you can't be serious man you have the link in post above yours
  2. try to create your own C2Z patch, creator can be found online.
  3. this is not topic for certificate requests! see post with link above you.
  4. Norton is compatible, also de.web is OK, you are just doing sth wrong.
  5. i doubt so. there will be the need to code something maybe... out of my league. N9 contains XT9 (that is what gives you words to choose ehile you are typing on QWERTY), but it is not adjusted for use with this kind of typing - cycleset of more signs on one button. simply, for me it was not possible to use.
  6. This has no T9... it is alphanumeric in portrait state, and QWERTY in landscape state. lanscape supports XT9 (words), but alphanumeric does not, because og that cycling of signs under one key. simply with todays settings of N9, it is not possible for me to add N9 support. sorry... If you have some suggestions on how to change it to Italian version, just say, I will try to adapt. Someone already wanted to send me donation for FINNISH version, so I'm gonna do it.
  7. Alphanumeric keyboard for Nokia N9 (MeeGo Harmattan) by Rusnak-COBRA (v2.0) Download: http://bit.ly/AAeJdT Screens: https://plus.google.com/photos/107175620946963824496/albums/5698296636170611665 Installation: Download and unzip the DEB file and execute it in your phone (via any file manager) or download directly via phone. In settings then choose layout “Alfanumerická CZ+SK (Rusnak)” Remember, you can have more layouts active and switch them by swiping in field of keyboard (not whole app) where you are typing Changelog: 1 - Autocapitalization (first letter always BIG) caused problems with first sign in chain. Now you have to turn shift 2x to write BIG letters 2 - Space button is now bigger (really better for typing by both hands), not causing problems when touching #SYM button on right edge anymore (was making a space before) 3 - "#SYM" button renamed to *+ as it is standard on all phones 4 - Added symbols under "´" button, as they are used by Atl+Gr + LETTER on SK & CZ PC keyboard 5 - After long pressing of button - you can choose letters & numbers from pop-up on alphanumeric portrait too 6 - "," and "." are changed to ";" and ":" when Shift pressed 7 - "," and "." are changed to "<" and ">" when "´" pressed 8 - Added "{" "}" that N9 keyboard was missing at all! Any suggestions how to change / improve it / release any other national versions are welcome! Thanks.
  8. Certificates are no longer "strong" enough to install all apps. you will need to hack your phone, and the only good way for now is make it via antivirus. I have made a guide which is also here on this forum. just follow it.
  9. try NORTON antivirus, like the user above you. happy new year
  10. hello, helloox is unable to hack your phone, you need to use antivirus method. you will not loose your warranty by using it.
  11. so, first of all, do not post to multiple topics with the same thing! you can use antivirus methond (described by me in thins ENG part of forum) or ask for certificate /guide is also here!/ and then sign the HelloOX 2.03 to use it for hacking purpose.
  12. you do not understand the way of creation the certificates. you registered here, filled IMEI into profile. then asked for a CERTIFICATE in the topic as hundreds others. They just pull the date (IMEIS) from users that applied for a cert, fill it in TXT file, upload on server and receive a certifiace, that will work for all of them. every day for different people. you can even ask multiple times... I'm not here to explain why or how it works antivirus hacking method guide can be found here, in english part of forum. just open your eyes and read.
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