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  1. Hello S60 Theme Masters, Today is a great day that I’m so proud to share my new 5th Edition plugin which comes with hundreds of features, bug fixes & additional elements. I have worked on this plugin almost 2 months & big big thanks to babinokiahelping me out as well as testing the plugin during the development process. Still this plugin continues to get new updates in future & also I have plan to customize few other plugins too. Download HERE
  2. Horizon Black Enjoy! Thanks to babi for preview & jon for t7 iconset. Download [Custom iconset version] Download [standard iconset version]
  3. Hello everybody, Here is C6 type new theme called as “Horizon” made for all s60v5 handsets. Users having s60v3 & e-series should install Nokia theme already posted at here. Horizon comes with two variants i.e. 1) Tehkseven iconset version & 2) Lite version, install as per your interest & enjoy! Horizon is made from screenshots taken from Nokia C6 theme & some of the elements are used from Nokia 6700 slide original Nokia theme. This theme may not work with s60v3 or e-series handsets as it is only for s60v5. Thanks to Jon for awesome tehkseven iconset. Big thanks to babi for
  4. great theme as usual babi. many thanks for the same.
  5. new theme today. thank you Jon for tehkseven iconset & babi for help. DOWNLOAD
  6. Hi Dhanusaud! Kia haal he? Can u plz provide me the link to UID viewer for e72?

    Plz i need it

  7. thanks all Thanks to ind190 for bug fix & Jon aka tehkseven for awesome t7 iconset. There is transparent dail bar for s60v3 but not for s60v5 Download (S60v3 FP1, FP2 & S60v5) Download (S60v3 Pre-FP1) Download (S60v3 E-Series)
  8. theme symbianplanet - enjoy! S60v3 FP1, FP2 & S60v5 Download S60v3 FP1 Download S60v3 E-Series Download
  9. @lbastelli Theme not finished yet will be next week for sure Gold & Contra with walls by bro kingwicked
  10. Although N97 mini isn’t hackable yet but I have managed to extract original Nokia N97 mini brown theme which I love a lot in my 5800XM. I have tested theme for a day & found working perfectly without any issues, as I have edited its contents of text colors & settings, so I don’t know if it works on your device or not I don’t guarantee. Please read the read me file or pup-op text message while installing theme. Its really very important.. Hope you will enjoy this beautiful original Nokia theme. DOWNLOAD
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