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  1. Nice Screen Everybody.......... :MarengoLight by Dear Shilca. Changed BG.
  2. DisparityLight by Shilca. Changed background, Original BG by Blue_Ray ( Silky Red ) moded to White by Me.
  3. Today,I back to a memory time of Giambi.... Eclipse2008,Scales,Stairs,Edge and AbsolutePure by Giambi. (Miss you bro Giambi,Hope you come back create themes)My voice send to you. Last screen DisparityLight by Shilca,Changed BG,Testing frame for White or Bright.
  4. Aqua 1.0 by Dearest Brother IND190.( Premium Theme ) Changed BG *Thank you so much to my dearest brother INDEE to give a special gift for me. My duaghter in 3 months.Take a shot on 09-07-2010. My phone today...
  5. Ultra Black Zagato by Dear Brother INDEE....:friends: Changed BG..
  6. Testing Theme and Transparent Frog wallpapers. DNA by IND190. Frog walls moded to transparent by me.
  7. Ultra Black Zagato v2 by Dear Brother IND190. Changed background.
  8. Nice Screen Everybody. )Oil Green by Dear Brother INDEE. Testing Frog walls mod transparent.( Original walls take from Brother IND190. )
  9. Gr3y by IND190. Changed BG, vHome BG add my name. vHome Clock Skin shared by Brother Genery.
  10. Just Black Zagato by Dear Brother IND190. Changed background Experience Dark. vHome clock skin shared by Dear Brother Genery. Walls by Me. Fonts name : Xpressive
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