Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny
for Symbian Series 60 devices

New in 0.8.2
Fixed launcher problem on s60v1 devices (tested on 3650), save and quit now work on devices that don't have a 5-way joystick/dpad (use left softkey).


Wolfenstein 3D S60 0.8.2
(Requires game data from a registered version of Wolfenstein 3D, namely:
audiohed.wl6, audiot.wl6, gamemaps.wl6, maphead.wl6, vgadict.wl6, vgagraph.wl6, vgahead.wl6 and vswap.wl6.
Data from the 1992 copy will not work, if you have this copy, copy the contents of
this and this over your game data)

Wolfenstein 3D S60 0.8.2 Shareware
(Includes shareware data)


Spear of Destiny S60 0.8.2
(Requires game data from a full version of Spear of Destiny, namely:
audiohed.sod, audiot.sod, gamemaps.sod, maphead.sod, vgadict.sod, vgagraph.sod, vgahead.sod and vswap.sod.
If you want to play the mission packs, you need gamemaps.sd2, maphead.sd2 and vswap.sd2 for mission 2,
and gamemaps.sd3, maphead.sd3 and vswap.sd3 for mission 3. You can select mission packs in-game)


Spear of Destiny S60 0.8.2 Demo
(Includes demo data)

Sourcecode 0.8.2

This project is based on the Wolfenstein 3D SDL port on icculus.org, and uses the copy of SDL included with the C2Doom source.
Built using
sdk2unix; Symbian SDK 2.1 .NET version, and gcc-3.0-psion-98r2 from the Symbian GCC improvement project.
Should also build using the official Symbian SDKs, although may require the use of gcc-3.0-psion-98r2. You'll need to write an MMP too...
Read the README.S60 in the source package for more information.

Tested on Nokia 3650, 6600 & 6680, should work on any v1 or v2 series 60 device.

If you have any problems, read the
FAQ, then either file a bug report or support request on the SourceForge project page.

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