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Symbian OggPlay

Series 60 V3

The final release is now available on Sourceforge. Please read the ReadMe file included in the package: installation of OggPlay for S60V3 requires two seperate sis packages to be installed.

Supported phones

This version of OggPlay should work on all Series 60 V3 phones, except for the Nokia E90. In order to get OggPlay working on an E90 a suitable skin must be installed. Unfortunately no such skin currently exists. It is suggested that E90 users try installing the following skin package:


This should allow OggPlay to at least work on a E90, although obviously the skin will not be the correct size when the device is opened. E90 users please let us know if this works.

Some users reported problems with the default skin provided with the earlier beta release (1.70). These issues may or may not have been resolved with the new version. If characters appear on the screen as square boxes please install and try one of the following skins:

mcNuOggPlayN80 (for N80 users)
mcNuOggPlayE60 (for E60 and possibly E70 users too)
mcNuOggPlay3250 (for Nokia 3250 and possibly N91 users too)

Users of other phones having this problem please post a message to the OggPlay forums.

Scalable UI support

OggPlay can now support orientation switching. This has been implemented in exactly the same way as it has always been for the P800 and P900. In other words, skin packages for S60V3 should provide a "Flip Open" configuration for portrait mode and an optional "Flip closed" configuration for landscape. See the skin design page for more details.

Making skin packages

Existing skins will work with Series60 V3 but they need to be re-packaged to install into OggPlay's import folder. Unfortunately S60V3 phones do not have the Latin12 font that was used on S60V1 and S60V2 phones. In addition most new phones have higher screen resolutions than the old Series60 standard (176x208). Therefore some work may be required in order to get the skins to look right on these new devices. It is recommended that old skins using the Latin12 font should be converted to use "Bitstream Vera Sans", the font used by the default skin. Alternatively you can use whatever fonts are installed on the phone (look in Z:\resource\fonts) but please bear in mind that your skin will only work correctly on phone models that have those fonts. As an another alternative, additional fonts can be installed if necessary.

A custom splash bitmap can also be added, although it is not possible to have more than one skin with a custom splash installed.
Consequently, if you already have a skin installed that uses a custom splash but you want to install another one, you must uninstall the other skin first.

There are three ways of providing skins for OggPlay:

1. The first is the easiest solution but requires OggPlay to be installed onto a memory card and that the user has a PC with a memory card reader. Simply zip up the skin files and ask the user to copy the skin files from their PC onto the memory card. Please give any skin fonts a unique name, for example by adding OggPlay to the start of the filename. Note that the phone will have to be restarted if the skin uses any new fonts.


2. Create a SP sis installation package.
A SP package installs the skin as an add on package.
Consequently SP packages can be uninstalled seperately from OggPlay and will not be deleted when a new version of OggPlay is installed.
However, there seems to be a serious problem with SP packages (at least on my Nokia E60) and therefore this approach is not currently recommended.

3. Create a PU sis installation package. This is the recommended approach.
A PU package installs the skin directly into the existing OggPlay installation.
Therefore the skin cannot be removed unless OggPlay is uninstalled. In addition if a new version of OggPlay is installed the user will have to re-install their skin packages.

Creating the skin package file (SkinName.pkg)

Create a file called SkinName.pkg and use notepad (or some other editor) to add the following text to it. Replace all instances of "SkinName" with the name of your skin.

#{"SkinName skin"},(0xF000A661),1,71,2,TYPE=PU

; Skin files

; Custom splash

Creating the font package file (SkinNameFonts.pkg)

It is recommended that all new and converted skins should simply use the standard OggPlay font, "Bitstream Vera Sans", and will therefore not need a fonts package. However, if the skin does require additional fonts a seperate font package should be provided. Once again it is recommended that this package should be a PU package and will therefore simply add the new fonts to the existing OggPlay Fonts package. Note that the phone will have to turned off and on again after installing the package.

Create a file called SkinNameFonts.pkg and add the following text to it. Once again, please give the skin fonts a unique name, for example by adding OggPlay to the start of the filename.

#{"SkinName OggPlay Fonts"},(0xF020202F),1,0,0,TYPE=PU

; Fonts for the skin

Creating the sis files

Unfortunately the tools required to create a signed sis file seem to be only available as part of a full Symbian S60V3 SDK.
You can download an SDK from here: Nokia S60 SDKs

You can use this certificate/key pair to create the signed sis (or use your own if you prefer)
Extract the files to the same folder as your skin files.
Run the following in a command window:

makesis SkinName.pkg
signsis SkinName.sis SkinName.sis oggplay.cer oggplay.key OggPlay

makesis SkinNameFonts.pkg
signsis SkinNameFonts.sis SkinNameFonts.sis oggplay.cer oggplay.key OggPlay

Converted skins

I've made a start converting some skins. More converted skins will be added soon...

Skins for DR phones(352x416):

Original WinAmpDR (by Starfox)
Modern WinAmpDR (by Vinh Hung, (aka Starfox?))
AlientechDR (by M!W)
SimplicityDR (by MemphisX)
iPogg2DR (by Evobit)

Skins for QVGA phones(240x320):

Original WinAmpQVGA (by Starfox)
Modern WinAmpQVGA (by Vinh Hung, (aka Starfox?))
SimplicityQVGA (by MemphisX)
iPogg2QVGA (by Evobit)

"Work in progress" skins(various resolutions):

I downloaded this WinAmp WMP11 skin from the internet. It's a good looking skin but it seems to me that it's unfinished. I've made some minor modifications to it but there are still a few things that need doing to make it right. For example, the QVGA version is currently the only version that has a working playback indicator (stop, flashing pause, play), and for that to work 100% properly another update to the OggPlay code is needed. Hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with the author, AcidSonic, and get this skin updated and fixed.

WinAmp WMP11 (by AcidSonic):
WinAmp WMP11LR
WinAmp WMP11DR

New skins

Ok, so this isn't really a new skin but it does illustrate how to include some new fonts. This is the default DR skin using "Bitstream Vera Serif" instead of "Bitstream Vera Sans". Install the font package, restart the phone, install the skin. Enjoy!


There is also an updated version of mcNuOggPlay for the E61. This version is larger than the default QVGA skin and includes the clock line part of the skin. As a result of the skin being larger the Series 60 title bar will not be displayed when using this skin. Note that E61 users should download and install the latest version of OggPlay (1.72) as earlier versions had some skin issues.


Here's another skin for E61 users. This one is for use in the car (with your E61 sitting on the dashboard). It has four lines of the track scroller instead of six, making for text that is more easily readable from a distance.


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