Tweetian per Symbian e MeeGo, disponibile al download l’aggiornamento alla versione 1.7



L’amico Taer ci segnala un importante aggiornamento per Tweetian, il client Twitter per device Symbian e MeeGo. La nuova versione, numerata 1.7, implementa diverse novità che vi riportiamo nel changelog che segue rilasciato dall’autore:

  • Mute now ignore letter capitalization – it will match the word(s) regardless of upper or lower case
  • Better and faster animation when switching between timeline/mentions/DM columns when using the tab buttons above (swipe still the recommended way for switching columns)
  • Add support for display multiple images from tweet
  • Add image preview for SkyDrive links (
  • Tweet conversation are loaded all at once instead of loading one by one
  • User Page redesigned: now able to view user’s header image
  • Now support 14 languages
  • Add option to copy DM
  • Improvement to thumbnails caching and loading performance
  • Improve text area & buttons layout in Mute tab
  • Improvement to autocompleter
    • now support insert word from autocompleter in the middle of the text
    • fix sometimes insert word at wrong position
    • the characters left count will automatically adjusted when the text insert with a link
    • N950: show autocompleter when physical keyboard is opened
  • Add setting for changing which language for translate to (for tweet translation)
  • Harmattan: when app is in foreground, info banner will show instead of making a system notification for mentions/DMs
  • Bugs fix:
    • the user’s @name is included when replying to a tweet
    • GPS keep active when leaving “Nearby Tweet” page
    • showing new DM everytime after startup even though there is no new DM
    • DM doesn’t sort chronologically (in DM conversation, not DM thread)
    • “Load more” button sometimes not working/not visible
  • Improvement on the app overall performance

Il download di Tweetian è gratuito, e la compatibilità è garantita per tutti i device Symbian^3, Anna e Nokia Belle e per MeeGo. Per aggiornare accedete dal vostro smartphone alla sezione download del Nokia Store oppure cliccate il link in basso per scaricare l’installer e procedere con una nuova installazione.

Download “Tweetian per Symbian”

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