Opera Mobile Labs per Nokia N9 si aggiorna alla versione 12.00.2 [aggiornato con changelog]

Opera Mobile Labs V12.00.2

Opera Mobile Labs V12.00.2

Anche il Nokia N9 ha ricevuto l’aggiornamento alla versione 12.00.2 di Opera Mobile. A seguire il corposo changelog con le novità e le migliorie apportate.


  • More speeddial. (Before only 9 in 11.5)
  • Square shaped speeddial (before corner rounded speeddials)
  • Manage speeddial button on homepage to delete, edit or movespeed dial. Tap and hold to move/rearrange sppeddial.
  • Widely use Nokia pure font, before it was Droid sans.
  • Added support for N9 keyboard (in advanced settings). It’s buggy.
  • Only works in labdscape. And never go back unless you swipe down.
  • Added more user agents. Default, S60, MeeGo, Android and Desktop.
  • Support more languages. You can read your own languages in operamobile now while browsing. 11.5 never supported complex scripts.
  • Single touch to close tabs. (Before double touch was required)

Per aggiornare potete accedere al Nokia Store cliccando il link che segue. Il download è gratuito.

Download “Opera Mobile per Nokia N9”

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