Custom Firmware: H2O per il Nokia N8 by faenil

H2O, custom firmware per Nokia N8

H2O, custom firmware per Nokia N8

Faenil ed il suo team di smanettoni, dopo aver rilasciato il primo custom firmware per il Nokia N8, presentano al mondo H2O, un nuovo firmware personalizzato che renderà ancora più performante il cameraphone di Nokia.

Ispiratosi all’Aurora, il tema della nostra babi, faenil introduce una ventata di novità, tra le più importanti il Full Hack con libero accesso alle cartelle di sistema, la registrazione video a 30 fps con autofocus continuo e bitrate dell’audio aumentato, una navigazione web più veloce con meno consumo di Ram, un volume del lettore musicale più alto, e tanto altro ancora.

Quello che segue è il changelog del Custom Firmware, mentre per il download dei file vi rimando al blog personale di Faenil.

  • More cpu time to alfappserver.exe
  • Hacked InstallServer
  • Full System Dir Access FileBrowser
  • Theme Effects complexity reduced to speed up system
  • Music harvester will now only look in E:\\MUSIC\\|F:\\MUSIC\\ to speed up library refresh, note: you have to create the MUSIC folder manually
  • Doubled MPX heap size
  • You can now use the dialer in LANDSCAPE
  • MediaPlayer’s percentage of max volume raised from 40% to 60%
  • Wlan wizard icon unlocked in menu!
  • HTTP cache set to Infinite and moved to RAM to avoid browser from easy crashes and to speed up navigation!
  • Voice Recorder max time set to 5 HOURS instead of 1!
  • Voice recorder quality set to High by default
  • Voice recorder kbps set to 256kbps instead of 128kbps!!
  • Max data object size set to 4096bytes
  • Added many folders to the blacklist for Gallery, so that you won’t see software icons and stuff like that in gallery
  • You can change Startup/Shutdown animations in C:/Anim/ (startup.gif, startup.mp3, shutdown.gif, shutdown.mp3) … You have to create the Anim folder manually
  • Removed Default accessory connected notification
  • Continuous autofocus (IT ONLY WORKS FOR SHORT DISTANCES, disable it to record videos of far objects!)
  • Video 30 FPS and bitrate lowered to 9Mbps for HD videos to allow LAGLESS video recording! (It will miss frames when going from short to far distance all at once, because the camera changes focus mode, but this is normal)
  • IN VIDEO RECORDING —> AUDIO QUALITY SET TO 288kbps INSTEAD OF DEFAULT 128kbps!! (this does not mean you’ll get more than double audio quality of course)
  • Picture quality set to 95 instead of 85 (photos will be bigger in size and more definite)
  • Local Network set to ONLY WIFI (it won’t autoconnect to 3g anymore)
  • Roaming network set to ONLY WIFI (it won’t autoconnect to 3g anymore)
  • Wifi AutoSearch is DISABLED

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