Rilasciato un aggiornamento a Swype per S60 5th Ed.

Swype for Nokia

Swype for Nokia

I Nokia Beta Labs hanno rilasciato un aggiornamento alla versione Beta di Swype per Symbian S60 5th Edition. Il changelog, come vedete qui sotto, è bello corposo pertanto le migliorie e le correzioni ai bachi sono tanti. Se volete scaricare questa nuova versione o se desiderate saperne di più cliccate qui, troverete il file dell’installer aggiornato e una guida dettagliata su come eseguire l’installazione.

Bug Fixes in v.12936

  • Swype performance has been improved
  • Word prediction performance has been improved
  • Tapping performance has been improved
  • Backspace, delete, and delete word back performance has been improved
  • Edit layer formatting and functionality has been improved
  • Issues with settings changes taking effect are resolved
  • Haptic feedback behevior has been improved and audio feedback support has been removed
  • Several UI changes including font sizes + word choice window
  • Triple tap in the X6 ICF no longer crashes application
  • Bringing up a diacritic menu and dragging to it no longer crashes application
  • Rotating with the word choice window open no longer crashes application
  • Crash on Page Up/Page Down/End/Home when there is no text in ICF is resolved
  • Second word is no longer always capitalized
  • Issues while receiving or on a call have been resolved
  • Backspace now works in Qt/WRT applications
  • All included languages are fuly functional (English, Spanish, FrenchCA, PortugueseBr)
  • Keymapping has been finalized (Tab has been removed)
  • Language dictionary support has been added
  • Spanish dictionary issues have been resolved
  • Conditional behavior for password fields has improved
  • “Do not show this tip” functionality has been added to Tips
  • Drawing artificats related to word choice window, secondary popups and rotation have been fixed

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