Nuovo firmware v500.21.009 per il Nokia E63

Nokia E63

Nokia E63

Breve nota per segnalarvi che anche il Nokia E63 NoBrand è stato da poco dotato della possibilità di aggiornarsi alla versione 500.21.009, già disponibile per i suoi fratelli, ovvero i Nokia E71 ed E66, di cui abbiamo parlato in questo articolo.

Di seguito il Change log.

New Functionalities:

* Comes with Music along with Music Player upgrade
* Quick Office v6.2 which has Office 2007 support
* Ovi Store upgraded to and Download! removed
* Lotus Notes traveler v8.5.1 update

Changes and Improvements:

* Windows Live removed from the memory card
* Ovi Suite included in Memory card
* CS Helps baseline upgraded to fix localization issues
* Start Up settings baseline upgraded
* Ovi Store Link provided in “Set Up Internet Telephony”
* Download! removed
* Key mapping issues fixed
* Nokia IM chat improved


* Portuguese Localization issues fixed
* Functionality improvements in E-mail configuration
* Qwerty keypad improvements
* Emergency call termination with RSK key corrected
* Corrected Bluetooth link drop when an outgoing call is made in a carkit

Calendar and Clock:

* Fix for Israel written instead of Jerusalem
* Corrected Argentina names issue in World Clock
* Corrected localization issues in world clock

Browser and Connectivity:

* Fix provided for IMEI not sent over USB
* CMCC Java application download corrected
* Fix provided for accessing a link that has appended space characters


* Fix provided for selecting desired mailbox when multiple mailboxes are configured

Flash light:

* Fix provided for turning on the flashlight when the device is locked

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