Nokia N900, rilasciato il firmware PR1.2 [changelog]

Da questa mattina è ufficialmente disponibile il tanto atteso firmware PR1.2 per il Nokia N900. Per evitare di intasare i server, il colosso finlandese ha deciso di renderlo disponibile inizialmente solo per il mercato del Regno Unito, mentre noi potremo scaricarlo via FOTA solo da domani 26 maggio come anticipato in questo articolo.

Se avete la smania di aggiornare e non riuscite ad attendere potete procedere con l’aggiornamento manuale scaricando i file necessari da questa pagina del sito Nokia e seguendo le istruzioni descritte qui. E’ importante sapere, però, che tale procedura cancellerà tutti i vostri dati, quindi eseguite un backup completo prima di iniziare!

L’aggiornamento PR1.2 introduce diverse novità e corregge i bachi di sistema. Tra le novità più importanti troviamo il supporto alle videochiamate, il miglioramento della gestione delle email, la modalità portrait in fase di navigazione web e l’aggiornamento di Ovi Maps.

Di seguito il changelog completo e dettagliato.

– OVI store games like Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Zen-bound, Angry Birds (level pack), Sygic, Kroll, Weatherbug, and GoGadget and the OVI store is getting a big update and you can download the new games from Thursday, May 27.

– Email has been improved with the ability to accept or decline an event invitation and Facebook IM chat has also been bundled. The release also brings with it video calling, allowing users face-to-face chatting anywhere

– An additional update is portrait browsing on the internet is a-go on the N900. Ovi Maps also gets the update treatment with changes to the UI, improving the experience of finding your way around.

– There’s also a change to the menu system UI with the first level now customisable.

– Virtual keyboard has been redone.

– Clear device is back in Settings. It allows to restore original setting and reset device.

– There is no “More…” option in menu. The menu icons when holds allows them to rearrange.

– The browser UI is refurbished a new back button takes back you to page visited before and not to history. History can be accessed swiping right.

– Enable rotation is now an option in Settings (Browser). Portrait mode is activated by default.

– Volume buttons can be set to change volume or zoom only in browser.

– User Guide accessible from a main menu with a new icon.

– Media player has a play button icon instead of the moving bars (bottom right area).

– Ovi Store link in “Change background” and “Themes” area. You can download themes and backgrounds from OVI store now.

– Browser seems much much snappier, scrolling is quick and rendering is uber quick! Not sure if this is related to the much faster processor but the gecko engine was updated. This is what we needed wow.

– File manager has a share option for all files. We can send any files through bluetooth.

– Video call option can now be enabled in contacts, SMSs to landlines can be disabled, voicemail number can be set.

– Qt 4.6.2 is now preinstalled on the OS.

– Changes for the video recording in the Camera Application.

– Video calling can be accessed through contacts.

– Can dial USSD Codes.

– No more “More” menu in application launcher, and is rearrangeable.

– Virtual Keyboard has been modified and now looks different.

– File Manager is now able to share any file and/or folder.

– Typing in Application Manager starts a search (like it is in Contacts or Media Player).

– Status area is now reachable in portrait mode

Non appena aggiornate fateci sapere nei commenti le vostre impressioni. 😉

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