N900, ecco il changelog completo del Firmware PR1.2

Come vi avevamo annunciato in questo articolo il nuovo aggiornamento firmware PR1.2 per il Nokia N900 porterà tantissime migliorie e correzioni ai bug. Tutto ciò viene confermato dal changelog ufficiale che vi riportiamo qui sotto.

Al momento non sappiamo ancora la data di rilascio di questo aggiornamento ma a quanto pare non mancherà molto. Rimanete connessi! 😉

Changelog Firmware PR1.2

+alarmd 1.1.16+0m5
+base-files 3.1.osso2+3.1.10.osso25+0m5
+bash 2.05b-2-26osso8+0m5
+bluez 4.60-0maemo1.4+0m5
+browser-eal 0.5.5-6.1+0m5
+cairo 1.8.8-0maemo1+0m5
+clinkc 2.0-0osso17+0m5
+clutter 0.8.2-0maemo66+0m5
+dbus 1.2.14-0maemo4+0m5
+dbus-glib 0.78-0maemo7+0m5
+desktop-file-utils 0.12-2osso7+0m5
+dnsmasq 2.45-1+lenny1+maemo3+0m5
+dosfstools 3.0.1-1maemo6+0m5
+dpkg 1.14.25maemo3+0m5
+dsme 0.60.44+0m5
+eds-backend-telepathy 0.4.62-1+0m5
+farsight2 0.0.17-0maemo13+0m5
+gcc-4.2 4.2.1-4maemo12+0m5
+gconf2 2.16.0-2osso6.2+0m5
+glib2.0 2.20.3-1maemo4+0m5
+glibc 2.5.1-1eglibc23+0m5
+gnome-menus 2.23.3-2maemo+0m5
+gssdp 0.7.1-0maemo2+0m5
+gst-plugins-bad0.10 0.10.14-git265-0maemo10+0m5
+gst-plugins-base0.10 0.10.25-0maemo14+0m5
+gst-plugins-good0.10 0.10.16-git276-0maemo14+0m5
+gstreamer0.10 0.10.25-0maemo4+0m5
+gstreamer0.10-plugins-camera 0.79-1+0m5
+gtk+2.0 2:2.14.7-1maemo29+0m5
+gtkhtml3.14 3.24.4-osso18+0m5
+gupnp 0.13.2-0maemo2+0m5
+gupnp-av 0.5.2-0maemo2+0m5
+gupnp-igd 0.1.4-0maemo3+0m5
+hal 0.5.12~git20090219-0maemo7+0m5
+hildon-application-manager 1:2.2.60-1+0m5
+hildon-application-manager-l10n-public 6.0+r7611+0m5
+hildon-control-panel 1:2.2.27-2+0m5
+hildon-control-panel-l10n-public 6.0+r7640+0m5
+hildon-desktop 1:2.2.135-2+0m5
+hildon-fm-l10n-public 6.0+r7483+0m5
+hildon-games-wrapper 1.9.4-5+0m5
+hildon-home 0.3.66-2+0m5
+hildon-input-method 1:2.1.46-1+0m5
+hildon-input-method-framework 1:2.1.56-1+0m5
+hildon-input-method-l10n-public 6.0+r7520+0m5
+hildon-libs-l10n-public 6.0+r7510+0m5
+hildon-status-menu 0.3.34+0m5
+hildon-theme-layout-5 0.15.0-1+0m5
+hildon-thumbnail 3.0.44+0m5
+ke-recv-l10n-public 6.0+r7611+0m5
+kernel 2.6.28-20100903+0m5
+libcanberra 0.14-0maemo4+0m5
+libcomapp 1.8.03-01+0m5
+libconbtui 1.4.3+0m5
+libconic 0.24+0m5
+libdsme 0.60.30+0m5
+libexif 0.6.17-1maemo3+0m5
+libffi 3.0.7-2maemo2+0m5
+libgtkadi 0.7.13-1+0m5
+libgtkmozembed 1.8.7-2.1+0m5
+libhildon 2.2.15-1+0m5
+libhildondesktop 2.1.40+0m5
+libhildonfm 1:2.28.17+0m5
+libhildonmime 2.1.5-1+0m5
+libical 1.43-101+0m5
+libmafw 0.2.2010.06-1+0m5
+libmlocknice 0.1+0m5
+libmodest-dbus-client 4:3.2.5-0+0m5
+libnice 1:0.0.9-0maemo8.0rtc+0m5
+libosso 2.31-1+0m5
+librtcom-telepathy-glib 0.1.49+0m5
+libsoup2.4 2.26.3-0maemo3+0m5
+libunwind 0.99+git20080421-2+0m5
+libwidgetutils 1.4.1-6+0m5
+libwww-perl 5.803-4osso1+0m5
+loudmouth 1.4.1-0osso10+0m5
+maemo-af-desktop-l10n-public 6.0+r7640+0m5
+maemo-maf 5.0+3+0m5
+maemo-mmf 5.0+3+0m5
+maemopad 2.6-3
+maemo-version 5.0update5+0m5
+mafw-gst-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2+0m5
+mafw-iradio-source 0.2.2010.06-1+0m5
+mafw-shared 0.2.2010.06-1+0m5
+mafw-test-gui 0.2.2010.06-1+0m5
+mafw-tracker-source 0.2.2010.06-1+0m5
+mafw-upnp-source 0.2.2010.07-2+0m5
+matchbox-window-manager-2 0.2.89-1+0m5
+mce-dev 1.8.17+0m5
+microb-eal 2.9.5-1.15+0m5
+microb-engine 20091230-1.9.2-6.8+0m5
+mini-rc 0.2.67+0m5
+modest 3.2.13-3+0m5
+obexd 0.18-0maemo5+0m5
+ohm 0.1.2-0maemo33+0m5
+osso-af-utils 2.12-1+0m5
+osso-app-killer 1.33-3+0m5
+osso-filemanager-l10n-public 6.0+r7611+0m5
+osso-games-startup 1.7.49-1+0m5
+osso-gnome-vfs2 2.16.3-2osso11+0m5
+osso-gwobex 0.64+0m5
+osso-rss-feed-reader 1.8.03-3+0m5
+osso-rss-feed-reader-applet 1.7.03-1+0m5
+osso-rss-feed-reader-lib 1.8.01-1+0m5
+osso-system-lock-l10n-public 6.0+r7585+0m5
+osso-uri-l10n-public 6.0+r7510+0m5
+pango1.0 1.24.2-0maemo4+0m5
+pixman 0.16.2-4+0m5
+poppler 0.4.5-5.1etch3maemo1+0m5
+posix-locales 2.7.2-1maemo7-binonly0+0m5
+pulseaudio 0.9.15-1maemo38+0m5
+qt4-x11 4.6.2~git20100224-0maemo1+0m5
+rtcom-eventlogger 1.3-4+0m5
+rtcom-eventlogger-plugins 1.4-1+0m5
+rtcom-eventlogger-ui 1.4-2+0m5
+sapwood 3.1.1-10+0m5
+sqlite3 3.6.14-1maemo3+0m5
+telepathy-farsight 0.0.13-0maemo5+0m5
+telepathy-gabble 0.8.11-0maemo2+0m5
+telepathy-mission-control 5.2.7-0maemo6+0m5
+tetex-bin 3.0-30maemo2+0m5
+tiff 1:3.8.2-11maemo5+0m5
+tinymail 1.1.90-svn4193+0m5
+totem-pl-parser 2.27.2-1maemo2+0m5
+tracker 0.6.95-25maemo1+0m5
+upstart 0.3.8-64+0m5
+wpeditor 3.53-1+0m5
+xkeyboard-config 1.5-2maemo15+0m5
+xorg-server 2:
+xserver-xorg-video-fbdev 1:0.4.0-180+0m5

Bug risolti

* 1635 Eduroam (EAP-TTLS+PAP) WiFi auth
* 4789 ipctest.c input_cb seems to pass a reference to a freed pointer to sscanf
* 5550 Not enough memory in target location” when receiving image from Nokia SU-1B using Bluetooth
* 6502 Control Panel: Cannot change Network mode when Network selection is “Automatic”
* 7843 BH-103 – Annoying Beeps when calling or receiving a phone call or SMS
* 8004 PR1.1 has introduced a battery drain bug (not wifi related)
* 8133 dnsmasq segfaults when connecting to a certain WLAN AP
* 9057 Wifi wont connect to Dlink DI-524 using WEP
* 9117 Wrong IAP set for SFR (France)

* 6088 Very low touchscreen sensivitivity in the area near the left edge of the screen
* 6450 libglslcompiler crashes when fragment shader contains a for-loop
* 7029 Device reboots when trying to connect to WIFI due to Oops in rate_control_get_rate()
* 8268 Unable to authenticate on light.webmoney.ru with user’s SSL certificate.

Desktop platform
* 1163 GtkCellRendererText: Can not edit with virtual keyboard
* 2501 Hardware keyboard doesn’t switch Input language when pressing Ctrl+Space
* 3659 Changing icon theme requires reboot to be applied correctly
* 4579 HildonWindowClipboardOperation is completely undocumented
* 4608 HildonBanner does not except NULL value for deprecated icon argument
* 4619 Panning and selecting are mutually exclusive
* 4638 HildonPannableArea description should mention mov-mode property
* 4640 hildon_touch_selector_get_active_iter() needed.
* 4658 Documentation: HildonTouchSelectorEntry is unclear about auto-completion/text column
* 4695 HildonAnimationActor defines are passively documented in function descriptions
*get_set_theme_size() has wrong style when created via GtkBuilder
* 4845 Remove Scratchboxism in libosso packaging
* 4851 libosso assumes that all ARM platforms has VFP instructions.
* 5284 HildonPannableArea: size-request-policy property should be deprecated
* 5388 Allow keyboard input to jump to an entry in a list (“type ahead”)
* 5421 keys when long pressed should give the blue symbol/number
* 5496 HildonTouchSelector: No hint that there are more items
* 5609 Displays very small fonts (happened once)
* 5716 Popup menus with rounded corners missing transparency
* 5838 Certain directory entries are duplicated (listed twice / doubled)
* 6017 Clicking the dashboard icon highlights it but does not open the dashboard
* 6060 Application manager finishing an installation in background blocks keyboard input
* 6069 Documentation missing on HildonNote vs “Cancel” button
* 6099 Incremental search function is case sensitive for “select objects” dialogue in html form elements like drop-down menus
* 6193 Browser: Tap is treated as input even if device was in standby mode (screen off)
* 6233 HildonPickerButton opens HildonPickerDialog dialog in landscape mode
* 6268 The required #include directives are not documented for Hildon
* 6361 base’ and ‘more’ applications are visible sametime (messed)
* 6494 Can’t change desktop Background
*get is around
* 6931 After installation of software last icon in “More…” view has default icon instead of own one
* 7126 Notification messages not displayed when optional “category” not set
* 7285 VKB has strange behavior when using the browser in portrait mode
* 7694 FN/Shift Locks get disabled by inserting a symbol with Sym
* 7852 After every boot the phone switches to the default theme
*e tops last application when on the desktop
* 8069 Cannot see the track time after black fill covers the white time font
* 8390 Fast search on the desktop doesn’t work with cyrillic (Русский) layout
*get HildonAnimationActor
* 8958 portrait layout for receiving call shown in landscape mode (-> no Reject button)
* 9059 Status bar icons shown on top of the virtual keyboard.
* 9194 hildon_pannable_area_scroll_to example is wrong (pointer instead of struct)
* 9552 Polish virtual keyboard: Cannot enter CAPITAL chars with diacritical signs

Development platform
* 7743 libalarm API reference lacks details on time fields
* 8415 MADDE: Cannot install to different directory than the default
* 9430 MADDE: ‘mad pkg-config’ doesn’t recognize comma separated values

* 6284 Documentation in header files inaccurate – what unit does altitude have?

* 5524 PulseAudio clients are muted and hang on exit when media player is playing music
* 5554 Embedded windows media stream (ASF) at omroep.nl doesn’t work
* 6365 maemo-xinput-sounds uses all available CPU
* 6506 Hardware keys do not change volume when status menu in foreground & browser in background
* 6792 FM radio transmitter does not play while USB cord is connected
* 6868 Pulseaudio uses cpu constantly after a phone call.
* 7082 mafw-dbus-daemon killed by podcast
* 7133 Shuffle all songs often plays a non-random sequence after the first song
* 7271 Can’t change FM TX radio station name
*eos unwatchable
* 7552 fmtx_client should pad station names shorter than 8 chars with spaces
* 7642 Playback of MP3 files might be cut-off at the end after seeking in file
* 8011 Changing volume without unlocking the phone no longer works
* 8172 PR 1.1 Regression: MP4 files with chapters hang playback
* 8396 FM Transmitter displays gibberish text in Radio player

* 6582 exchange sync cant handle certificate exceptions
* 6703 MfE calendar sync causes dummy email sync account to appear
* 8552 URLs in emails from Exchange are parsed incorrectly

System software
* 5530 Device autolock switches on the display
* 5674 Autobuilder fails to use opt-ified packages
* 6746 USB mass storage enabled when connected while device is off
* 7432 /opt and /home/user not cleared after firmware reflash

UI Specification
* 5420 Don’t show hildon banner every tap when browsing UPnP shares
* 5516 Image Viewer: Dealing with “occupied” images is confusing
* 7054 Cannot set “Regional Settings” to “English (Australia)” or “English (New Zealand)”

* 1800 tapping browser rss icon lists two RSS feeds, one from an iframe
* 1801 tapping browser rss icon should list ATOM feed, not just RSS
* 5485 “restart” button after finishing download not localized (in Finnish)
* 5526 Type-to-find behaviour is inconsistent and suboptimal in browser
* 5684 History images do not match actual URLs under them
* 5705 Browser drawing issue in web pages with (multiple?) Flash applets
* 5783 Smooth scrolling not active using arrow keys until current page tapped
* 5829 “Select user name” dialog not finger friendly
* 5945 URL proposals in browser disappear after some hours
* 6066 Sticky shift & Fn not working for Flash text input fields: Impossible to use special characters palette
* 6184 Find on page causes page to reload
* 6269 Can’t reuse the name of a bookmark that has been deleted
* 6342 Use Volume hardware key for adjust the device volume instead of zooming a website
* 6396 Zooming is not working right away when link clicked from desktop
* 6598 Browser should display passwords one character at a time like other applications
* 6743 Screen sometimes flickers when scrolling through bookmarks triggers rubber banding
* 6819 High CPU usage for 15 seconds after page loaded (Deleting History helps)
* 7174 specifying “DejaVu Sans Mono”,”Courier New”,monospace,Freemono fonts break pre
* 7235 g_mozilla_parse_env_proxy limits proxy server names to about 20 characters [http_proxy]
* 7335 Browser shows strong font kerning bugs (esp. when zooming)
* 7566 Browser toolbar steals text focus in fullscreen mode when “Auto focus address field” is enabled
* 7567 Browser toolbar steals text focus in fullscreen mode with remapped arrow keys
* 7568 Sites in history overview that were loaded in portrait mode appear distorted
* 7620 Browser process opens ports on all interfaces.
* 7806 Browser crashes while sending a comment to Maemo.org
* 7890 Clicking on webcal:// link does nothing (not even an error dialog)
* 8010 browser repaints after switching from contacts
* 8104 Browser portrait mode makes it stop working after a while
* 8117 Browser doesn’t show progress indicator when user selects url from urlbar completion list
* 8252 Browser addressbar refreshes/blanks shortly after new window opens
* 8276 Imported SSL Certificates not recognized after PR1.1
* 8362 Some combination of Maemo 5 + Nokia N900 results in improper onChange callbacks in the maemo browser
* 8385 New browser windows’ contents are not updated when page loads in background
* 8606 Cannot scroll web bookmark folders if more than 5 folders
* 8683 Browser crashes when browsing some websites
* 8763 Back yields grayed page
* 8784 Browser crashes while changing system theme
* 8920 MicroB loses first keystroke
* 9362 Page view “unstable” (due to animated GIFs?)
* 9365 Maemo Browser does not honor CSS serif font specifications
* 9460 Disable show images leads to failure in opening links in a new window
* 9555 Only the address bar is visible on the bottom panel

* 6431 Alarm setting for Birthday is removed after adding photo to contact
* 6909 Calendar launches automatically at 4:00 each night
* 8169 exported .ics calendars have bad line format (LF for empty lines)
* 8175 Exported calendars lack PRODID properties
* 8463 libcalendar produces AALARM properties containing unescaped CRLF which prevents OSX synchronisation
* 8678 Overdue tasks should be displayed as today’s
* 8889 New event in calendar causes crash when using bg_BG locales
* 9048 “Internal Error: Application ‘Calendar’ closed when importing ics file

Chat & Call & SMS
* 5357 Does not accept GSM (USSD) Codes starting with *#
* 6201 libnice violates Debian packaging policy for description of package “libnice0?
* 6300 :/ in http:// is converted into an emoticon in some cases
* 6641 Sofia-SIP throws 500 Internal Server Error
* 6692 Unable to set a Google Talk account to Away
* 6733 gmail status set to away when skype status set to invisible
* 6769 Can’t answer a phone call with a short caller ID
* 6857 USSD codes are not recognized in chat
* 6936 Caller voice gets minced after some time when taking call via SIP
* 7052 Unable to see the sender’s phone number used for a received sms
* 7212 Sent text messages are shown as unsent
* 7227 Contact names do not resolve correctly when country code is prefixed.
* 7375 account-plugin-butterfly – delete contacts doesn’t work
* 7470 N900 does not support Skype Voicemail Settings
* 7856 Recent Call entries are shown in conversations
* 7886 Tapping ‘Task Manager’ shows ‘Clear Conversation’ option while in a conversation
* 7933 Conversation IM window is not responding when Select contact dialog is displayed in background
* 8428 Carrier doesn’t stop attempting to send USSD codes that aren’t received (automated balance receipt)
* 8441 Messages don’t change to “read” status after being read
* 8454 Placing a call in portrait mode gets desktop stuck in portrait mode upon exit.
* 8573 Conversation doesn’t respect aspect ratio in avatars
* 8581 Reduce XMPP data packets to save battery
* 8854 Jabber opens unnecessary proxy connections
* 9005 XMPP lacks option to require TLS (vulnerable to MITM attacks)
* 9231 ‘Open contact card’ broken for newly sent SMS

* 2962 Not able to open Maps application with contacts location as a search string
* 5510 Contact merge of number dialed manually via Skype fails due to internal error
* 6503 only 2 Lines of Notes are visible in Contacts
* 6945 Skype: merged contact has duplicate phone number
* 7515 List of countries not shown on tapping the country picker button
* 8022 Making a SIP call crashes osso-addressbook
* 8159 Missing direct shortcut to use SIP/Skype again in Recent Calls list
* 8495 “SIP audio” buttons active with no SIP accounts active
* 9010 Merging contacts, unable to select neither as an option in conflict field

Desktop Widgets
* 5894 Play track button doesn’t work
*get suddenly starts music after Phone call ends
* 8002 Being offline, RSS Reader tries to connect for refresh unconditionally

* 3387 Modest doesn’t fetch GMX IMAP mail (issuing LIST “” instead of LIST “*”)
* 4834 Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols
* 4876 Remove libgnomeui dependency
* 4889 Use single GTK+ includes
* 4976 Add option in modest to add/not add new contact when replying to mail
* 5161 Fix some compilation warnings in GNOME version
* 5266 Remove unneeded modest_osso_load_state () calls
* 5267 Remove unused modest-osso-autosave-callbacks.[c/h] files
* 5341 Can’t disable email notification – makes notification unusable if you receive lots of mail
* 5417 Delete button greyed out when opening from notification popup
* 5503 Failed outgoing mails when using Nokia Messaging and Exchange
* 5634 Deleted IMAP messages are not expunged
* 5836 POP3 TCP connection is left open leading to locking issues
* 5870 Long emails can’t be read – distorted output on screen after scrolling
* 6027 Only require libmodest-dbus-client in maemo platform
* 6048 Volume hardware key works only once; afterwards “Unable to zoom” in list of mail accounts, list of mail folders,

New Mail editor
* 6279 Modest is very slow at loading images
* 6541 Polish Subject line violates RFC (“Odp.” prefix)
* 6575 Tapping new Email notification does not bring up email message
* 6700 Semicolon in To field should be ignored when sending a message
* 6702 email application does not see folders on imap4 with namespace
* 7139 Replying to an email with non-ascii chars in From cuts name short
* 7485 Email message viewer window refreshes a second time when email opened from Notification icon
* 7718 Unable to save attachment from e-mail without e-mail body
* 8230 cannot move message anywhere
* 8574 Subfolders of Zimbra IMAP server not appearing/not available
* 8604 Type-to-find behaviour is inconsistent and suboptimal in modest

* 3748 Erroneous “Game not started yet” message
* 5276 hildon-games-wrapper crashes in hgw_conf_request_string if gconf key has no value
* 5868 Games do not respect master volume (“sound effects” enabled though)
* 5869 Chess game over dialog button is unreadable in some themes
* 6616 Mahjong: Łamigłówka (Confounding cross) does not display high score time in Polish

Images and Camera
* 4053 Confusing behaviour when saving to a file that matches an existing directory
* 6194 Shutter release button does not always work
* 6372 Sometimes photos are not deleted if you delete directly after taking them
* 7060 Sometimes photos are very green
* 7160 Camera app hardcodes and requires FAT partition
* 7394 Some photos are missing EXIF DateTimeOriginal data
* 7758 Daily image counter in photo filenames not incrementing in some cases
* 8087 Photo autorotation issue
* 8310 Image Viewer shows only black screen
* 8698 camera does not have the night mode function
* 8877 Volume buttons should work in camera window when lens cover is not opened

* 5337 Ovi Maps gives up finding GPS lock too soon
* 5391 Virtual keyboard doesn’t appear in Maps
* 5905 ovi maps brings up “Select connection” dialog relentlessly
* 9532 Search: can input numbers and other “blue” characters only with -holding- “alt” key

Media player
* 5318 Missing “Remove from Playlist” option
* 5522 Plays next radio station when current station cuts out / has playback issues
* 5805 Album art disappears when next song is played and you unlock the device
* 7124 media player loses cover art if song changes while screen is locked
* 7353 RDS station name should not contain album (esp. when its unknown)
* 7464 mediaplayer treats youtube mp4 urls as audio streams
* 7536 Can’t search album titles (GtkIconView) by typing on keyboard
* 7634 Media player volume bar doesn’t work when a browser with youtube played is opened in background.
* 7995 Internet radio (ogg) stream metadata not displayed
* 8035 Selecting song in media player doesn’t cause song to play
* 8043 AVI Streaming broken. Local playback works fine.
* 8129 Cannot play podcast m4v-file due to issue with qtdemux
* 8189 Strange black box icon in media player’s album list
* 8499 Music stops when “low battery” hildon banner is displayed
*eo streams but KMPlayer can
* 8653 Media Player crashed when viewing UPNP contents.
* 9020 Media player crashes when trying to search in ”All songs”
*eo shown, only audio, when streaming over upnp

RSS feed reader
* 304 Automatic proxy configuration URL not obeyed by RSS feed reader

Settings and Maintenance
* 5546 In Certificate manager, “Authorities” title is shown two times
* 5560 Application manager shows “ai_ib_unable_edit” instead of proper, localised string when it has a repository of which it cannot change the details of
* 5746 symlink /var/cache/apt/archives to /home/apt-archives
* 7446 Unlocking SIM card from control panel fails
* 7483 “Enter code for unlocking SIM card”” button visible even if phone is not SIM locked
* 8194 General locale settings for new users does not set the correct locale for text input
* 8696 Search results window is not responding when search dialog is displayed in background
* 9229 Upgrade from PR1.1 to PR1.1.1 produces ‘Operation failed’ error

* 4852 Remove Scratchboxism in wpeditor packaging
* not update after plane journey
* 5824 Maximum number of pseudo terminals too low (4)
* 6351 Context menu isn’t thumbable/hildonized – options too small
* 6481 Buenos Aires, Argentina time off by 1 hour
* 6553 Calculator should remember mode setting
* 6882 Deletes file to move if destination filename already exists and choosing to not overwrite
* 8115 Having a modal dialog in background, Alarm dialog blocks entire UI

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