N900, nuovo firmware v.2.2009.51-1 [changelog]

Nokia N900

Dopo il rilascio di qualche giorno fa del minor update v1.2009.44-1 Nokia ha reso disponibile un nuovo e importante aggiornamento che porta Maemo 5 alla versione 2.2009.51-1.

Il download è disponibile tramite NSU e Over the Air da Gestioni Applicazioni e pesa 85,9 MB. Il nuovo firmware introduce una miriade di bug fix e miglioramenti come potete vedere dal changelog riportato qui sotto.

Aggiornate e fateci sapere nei commenti le vostre impressioni. 😉

New features
– Hutchison SIM cards are supported.
– MS Exchange 2003 support.

Maemo Update
– Bootloader (Nolo) can be updated over Maemo Update.
– Cellular software can be updated over Maemo Update.
– Icon cache removed to allow more memory space for Maemo Update.
– Application Manager: Available space check moved to apt-worker for more accurate results.

– Improvements in SGX performance and reliability.

Use-time and power consumption
– API for status area applets to detect if they are invisible/absent.
– Fixes to Pulseaudio timer increasing power saving when starting/closing apps.
– Browser: Removed unnecessary serial logging.
– Reduction of wake-ups in Desktop, Connectivity, Conversations, RSS Feed Reader,
– Backup handles correctly directories containing pairs of symlinks.
– Less CPU load caused during video recording.
– Support disabling Virtual Keyboard in input field.
– Performance improvements in Browser.
– Lock: “swipe to unlock” will not stay on.
– CPU idle latencies and thresholds updated.
– Fixing eMMC data lines while sleeping.
– CellMO power consumption reduced.

– Volume button operation in call flipped based on audio routing (no more on screen orientation).
– Browser: Downloading & rendering of page content runs promptly.
– Helping to avoid capacity limits of rootfs when installing apps (make Docpurge aware of /opt).
– Stability and usability fixes to the Profiles applet. Selection, usage and restoring of ringtones.
– Fast call from home shortcuts.
– Fast SMS rejection of incoming call.
– Avoid false alarms in pocket.
– Silence ringing by flipping face down.
– Fix to Camera photo orientation problem: correct orientation is now written to EXIF.

– X: performance of GLES apps improved.
– Lower RAM consumption while capturing video.
– Phone-UI & Msg-UI always ready to appear.
– Application Manager UI speed improvements.
– Email faster with large mailboxes.
– Large file copy (SD->MMC) doesn’t degrade system performance.

OVI Maps
– Route calculation and search performance improved.

– BT Secure Simple Pairing fixed for Windows Vista.
– BT transfer progress indicated.
– Improving WLAN connection stability.
– Improved WLAN negotiation when going out of reach of access point.

– Add voicemail shortcut support.
– Showing call forwarding correctly when busy forwarding is not set.
– Call log improved.

Audio & Video:
– Audio volume control works with +/- keys in full-screen playback of flash.
– Handling corrupted ring tone files better.
– HW volume keys always have same orientation.
– Media Player UI now provides feedback when tapping control buttons in video playback.
– MIC input not clipped when loud voice in VoIP call.
– Pulseaudio: Ringtone is heard from the loudspeaker if BT connected.
– Ringtone played both to headset (BT or wired) and to internal HF speakers.
– AV sync fix for recorded videos.

– ISO EXIF value for images saved when automatic sensitivity in use.
– Vignetting test of 2nd camera fixed, VGA sensor stability.

Battery and Charging:
– Improved charging in case of low charging power (PC USB charging).

– Fixing the USB detection and card mounting issue related to quickly attaching/detaching the cable.
– Able to format corrupted eMMC properly.
– Hang fixed in case of WLAN disconnection while copying files.

– Activesync supports now MS Exchange 2003.
– Activesync – fixes the forwarding of attachments showing incorrect sizes (Exchange server 2003).
– Content copier of PC Suite enabled. Whole content backup (including Notes) can now be restored from PCSuite.

3rd party applications:
– Policy-settings: Fixes rotation transition in for 3rd party applications.
– Policy-settings: By default, 3rd party apps should have the same limits as our applications.

– Public API for color picker. Home widget is now translucent.
– Set/get alarms API.
– Syncing of task alarms supported.

Image Viewer:
– Thumbnailing faster.

Application Manager:
– Rename Maemo Extras to maemo.org and enable by default.
– Grid view applied for the categories in download view. Added API for filtering packages.

Development Platform:
– SDK content and tools updated.
– SDK GUI installer updated.
– New sharing-dialog-dev package added to enable Bluetooth and email sending.
– New wappushd-dev package documenting MMS interfaces available.

Upstream Security Issues:
– Fix for CVE-2009-2417 in curl.

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