Nokia 5230, nuovo firmware v11.0.079

Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230

Disponibile da oggi il nuovo aggiornamento software per Nokia 5230. L’aggiornamento è scaricabile tramite Nokia Software Update e porta il firmware alla versione 11.0.079. Di seguito il changelog.

– Camera : logical name “qtn_lcam_cmd_rename_image” (Rename image) displays in Options .
– Calibration UI text layout is out of range
– Chat messages goes to wrong window
– Sometimes it is difficult to close the details pop-up
– Active voice call + proximity activation + turning of the device, to cause black display
– Mail for Exchange is “uncertified” for Simon HW variants
– MFE: Some items of Options in MFE can not be localized to Chinese.
– Contacts: New contact doesn’t add to the home screen after adding a photo to the contact.
– Games in wrong folder after backup restore
– OVI contacts:The order of the E-mail address is displayed incorrectly when adding friend in OVI contacts.
– Phone responds “Installer already in use” when trying to install applications
– Album art cannot be viewed if changed with music player (Huriganes)
– Unable to create MfE account into phone
– UI: Welcome logo is not displayed completely after rebooting.

Se aggiornate fateci sapere nei commenti quali cambiamenti apporta questa nuova release.

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